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All Plasma Cutters Are Not The Same

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-22
When it comes to high speed, accurate and durable plasma cutters, it can be said that a high quality plasma cutter is truly the sum of its' parts. By building a plasma cutter with the best components, building it as strong and stable as possible, and making it easy to set up and use, you have a formidable cutting machine. Plasma cutting machines must be able to hold their advertised tolerances today and, more importantly, for many years to come. Only well designed and well built plasma cutters can make such claims. How does a plasma cutter achieve tight tolerances? How does it perform consistently year after year? What makes it fast AND accurate? There are several important factors you must consider. It starts with a heavy-duty, unitized, fully-welded design that provides the most stable platform for accurate plasma cutting. When the base of the machine does not move during cutting, the plasma torch is able to cut your parts with incredible accuracy. The plasma cutting table must able to handle heavy plate loads (2' and more) and withstand rigorous daily usage. You need professional grade machinery to produce professional grade products. Next, the components need to be designed and machined to work together. Are all of the linear guides and rack mounting surfaces machined in a single set-up to assure the best possible accuracy? When these surfaces are precision machined and matched, the results are a plasma cutter capable of amazing precision. Helical rack and pinion drives and top quality linear guides provide unparalleled acceleration, motion smoothness and accuracy. The plasma torch and the torch height control are also critical factors for determining cut quality and accuracy. Does your plasma cutter uses the highest quality automatic servo controlled arc voltage system? You can substantially increase productivity with faster response, shorter pre-flow times and tighter software integration. The bottom line is that it enables you to cut smarter. A powerful, feature packed CNC software package must also include a combination of configurations and expandable features - flexibility is key. It must have the latest automation features provide high productivity and reliability. Nesting software is another key component that will allow the full potential of a top-quality plasma cutter to be realized. This makes it easy to set up, learn and use for either new or experienced operators. You may be seeing that a fast, accurate and durable CNC plasma cutter is indeed the sum of it's parts. By choosing a high quality CNC plasma cutter, you choose one capable of offering near-laser cut quality and accuracy at a fraction of both investment and operating costs. You also choose a plasma cutter capable of growing to meet your company and client's changing needs. Even in slow economic times, it can be a mistake to be penny wise and pound foolish. Can you afford to buy cheap? Buying quality is never a mistake.
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