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Any engineers can help install Toroidal Core Winder ?
Employees are the first resource for development of SUMWIC Machinery. Ask online! Concentrate on the Production of transformer core cutting machine since 2010 Compared with other products in the same category, rectangular core machine has outstanding advantages which are mainly reflected in the following points. SUMWIC MACHINERY CO., LTD always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions based on the professional attitude.

What is the difference between a precision filter and a bag filter? Precision filter,The shell of the cylinder is generally made of stainless steel,The inside adopts tubular filter elements such as PP melt spraying, wire burning, folding, titanium filter element, activated carbon filter element, etc,Different filter elements are selected according to different filter media and design processes,To meet the requirements of the water quality.The body can also be installed quickly,Replace the filter element and clean it conveniently and quickly.The equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, printing and dyeing, environmental protection and other industries,It is an ideal equipment for filtration, clarification and purification of various liquids.The precision filter has many features such as high pollution removal capacity, strong corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, large flow rate, convenient operation, long service life and no fiber

Can the fish tank filter replace the oxygen pump? Yes,This is because the fish tank filter can access oxygen to the fish tank while filtering the water.But depending on the density of fish in fish tanks,If the density is too high,The oxygen pump needs to be added again,To ensure adequate oxygen,Good for the growth of fish.Fish tank filter: fish tank box filter is a device for water purification and oxygen replenishment in fish farming appliances.The function of the fish tank filter is to remove dirt such as feces in the water,Keep the water clear, with sufficient oxygen, no harmful substances and no pollution,Suitable for the growth of fish.There is a good filtration device in the aquarium,Only by keeping good fish and changing less water.The current filtration methods of fish tank filters mainly include physical filtration, biological filtration, chemical filtration, etc,Just plug in the power to work.Physical filtration: it uses mechanical methods to separate large particles from the water.For ex
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