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Can I get any discount on winding machine in my first order?
Price and parameters of high efficiency air filter With China's economic development,The current environmental protection issue has become a major concern for many people,The recent smog in Beijing has gradually raised people's awareness of environmental protection to a new height.In the process of fighting smog,We often hear the words 'air filter,Actually,'Air filter' also has a full name,That is the efficient air filter.Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the relevant parameters and prices of efficient air filters,If you are interested, keep up with my pace quickly!What is an efficient air filter? an efficient air filter can capture 0.The particle dust of 5 microns and the device of suspended matter in various air,It generally uses ultra-fine glass fiber as the filter material of the filter,The coated paper and aluminum film are made of aluminum alloy glued to the wooden frame as the material of the split plate.Every high-efficiency air filter has been tested by the flame method,Can filter dust efficientl

With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, SUMWIC MACHINERY CO., LTD is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs. SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY's core cutting machine can be used in multiple industries and fields. SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY's machinery is made based on advanced production technology. They are self-adaptation, maintenance-free, and self-testing. They are of simple operation and great practicability. The quality-reliable and cost-effective products provide a worry-free buying experience. If you have any needs, please contact us for business talk. core cutting machine produced by SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY is very popular in the market.

How much is the head loss of mechanical filter? Introduction to adaptive and efficient mechanical filtersThe adaptive high-efficiency mechanical filter adopts the adaptive fiber filter as the core application technology. the filter material used uses the theoretical physics principle-nonlinear scientific fractal structure, and the advantages are self-adaptability and fractal structure. It not only has the efficient filtration accuracy of the fiber filter material, but also has the advantages of using the particle filter material backwashing cleanliness and low water consumption, the pore distribution of filter bed formed by using this filter material is basically close to the ideal filter layer structure. when filtering, the filter material will gradually decrease from large to small along the direction of water flow, and the void ratio distribution in the same section is more uniform, the water flow is consistent in size when filtering.When filtering, due to the poor proportion of the core
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