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Car Keys and Auto Security

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-21
While most people will usually encounter an auto locksmith when they accidentally get locked out of their car and need assistance getting back in, today's car locksmith offers a wide range of services that require exceptional craftsmanship, knowledge of technology and experience. As car manufacturers continue to develop more advanced car locking mechanisms and devices, an auto locksmith is required to stay up to date with these advancements in technology in order to be able to compete in today's market. Aside from Car alarm systems, which are usually handled by businesses and service providers that specialize only in those, most other car related security issues can be handled by an experienced auto locksmith. There are more types of car keys in use today than ever before, but perhaps surprisingly car keys are usually made using one of two key production techniques - a mechanical key production process or a laser cut one. Mechanical cut car keys are considered to be more traditional and feature a unique cut pattern along the edge of the keyblade, allowing the actual key to fit into the vehicle ignition switch in only one way. The process of cutting such keys is similar to the process of cutting a new home or business key. The process involves using a mechanical cutting machine and is usually cheaper to produce than newer, laser cut keys. These are popular today with a few domestic car models produced by companies such as GM, Ford and Chevy. Laser cut keys are the more advanced type and can be found in most newer car models. These have squared edges and carry identical cuts on both sides of the key's blade. They can fit ignition switches from both sides. Lock cylinders that employ laser cut keys are harder to pick than traditional locks and producing or duplicating them requires a laser key cutting machine as well as additional software that helps in programming the key's capabilities and ensuring it will open up the vehicle. It is very important to only use licensed, experienced locksmiths to duplicate or create your car keys to ensure that the ones you pay for actually work and that all relevant aspects of its creation process have been performed successfully (including key programming and coding if needed). Additionally there are several easily recognizable types of car keys in the market today: Transponder Keys - These can be either mechanical or laser cut and they include a small computer chip that communicates with your vehicle. Transponder keys are much harder to duplicate and offer a higher standard of security. Smart Keys - these include a remote fob with the laser cut key built into it. Using proximity sensors and push button style ignition, these advanced features allow drivers to simply enter the vehicle, start it and begin driving without ever needing to remove the keys from their pockets. VAT system keys - Security enhanced mechanical keys that were first produced by GM on various car models. They incorporate a black resistor chip on the actual keyblade and are sometimes referred to as 'chip keys'. VAT stands for 'vehicle anti theft' and these were first introduced to the market in 1986. Valet Keys - these less popular types of keys allow operating car door locks and it's ignition but not to open locked trunks or car glove compartments. As suggested by their name these are helpful when employing a third party to park or drive your vehicle. It is important to note that certain type of car keys can only be duplicated by presenting proof of ownership to your local locksmith. At Lock and Tech USA we provide complete auto locksmith services and can cut or duplicate any type of car key including high security, VAT and Laser cut keys. We are available throughout New York 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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