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by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-06-01
Delta Industrial Automation as being a family, a member of Delta PLC PLC than other brands has an authentic advantage: 10 years disk Delta's customer base and market reputation as the Delta PLC created favorable conditions for the promotion of ; the same time, Delta complete product integration and close for the customer service platform also has helped Delta PLC achieved average annual growth of more than 5 consecutive 30% of the market the actual world mainland market share ranked the highest in a good PLC. Second half of 2008 financial crisis hit China's industrial economy, Delta to regulate market strategy: to improve the low-end and OEM customer service levels at a similar time, Delta in the industry leading work and high-speed high-precision applications can flex its muscles industrial bus and PM products are preoccupied with the promotion. For buildings, HVAC, environmental, transport and other sectors concerned about increasing the level people's livelihood, but also makes Delta PLC products, sales in this financial crisis contrarian up. According to the Delta-CIMIC Corporation PLC product manager Zhang Shaokun, due to your successful operation, coupled with the traditional attributes of industry recovery expected in 2009, Delta PLC's annual rate of growth close to 30%. PM optimistic about the series of items targeting specific market In the past 10 years, Delta ES series appliances are mainly low-end applications within face of the customer, on the EH series high-end application is recommended, but for high-speed, high precision applications, products a field is unquestionably blank. Manager Zhang said: 'When we all faced with a customer, there will be such a situation, the general application from the PLC could be the Delta, the high-speed, high precision applications, PLC is imported brands, and the situation will completely change . 'As a new Delta family members, PM Series appliances are mainly stuck the increased exposure of the application of high-speed and precision applications. General industrial machinery with ordinary small PLC to complete the specific functional requirements, but the high-speed, high precision industrial machinery you need to make use of the medium to large PLC, while the PM previously large-scale PLC products present some belonging to the features and characteristics of a small PLC. Manager Zhang described the PM for the products powerful features: Firstly all, PM Series tools are mainly observed as high emphasis on electronic cam up to 2048 points, while the flexibility of a PLC; Additionally is the implementation of G code interpretation, and continuous path of consideration. Special CNC machine tool industry in general need the following the CNC controller to handle at this occasion if the of PM controller can have a high price. Test machine in a number of industry proven, in general, can not handle sites PLC, its performance awesome. It is understood that PM products will increase next year, a new member of the 10PM, 10PM 6 groups can access the large number of counts, with hardware adjustable filter, 4 differential high speed output, such an open regarding 4 high-speed output. Cause application of multiple high-speed input and output involving high-end applications, while its operation speed will be further strengthened to expand and reduce Delta side of small PLC's high-end applications. PM series comes to promotion, Manager Zhang stressed: 'We will first PM in may industries can promote products, such as high-speed online package packaging industry, trade skeleton winding machine winding layers, coating the electronics industry, dispensing multi-axis robot and welding industry. 'achieved good results last year, based round the Delta this year, even extending their hands to real-time three-axis interpolation and the G code CNC download specialized areas, such as wood carving, glass engraving and Before cutting some other industries do not belong to the application of PLC. Influence alter its role to deepen product In recent years, the Delta-CIMIC PLC performance has maintained an increased growth, has produced remarkable achievements, Manager Zhang concluded: 'From the website side, PLC product's performance continues to improve, the series is continually being improved among other ancillary products, more and better full-Delta; from the dealer perspective, the technology significantly boost the dealer, most dealers shifted from trade-based system integration; from product application side, the involving products employ a single integrated product, mainly low-end applications in low-end applications and taste turned to high school; from purchaser side, mainly the coexistence of smaller than average and medium customers to move to medium and small customers, more and a lot more industry leading customers to use Delta products. 'of its own and the market fully informed at point time, Delta has gradually deepened by the changing role of PLC products associated with market determine. It is understood that, in 2007, Delta PLC in mainland China sales over 100 million yuan. During the year, Delta is also aware is actually very not possible solely around the own long-term, high-speed design. That is, ultimately year, Delta will end up being the training of dealer application engineers to implement into a system. Internet site Manager Zhang introduced, follow this year, Delta accumulated more than 400 trained engineers, the engineers for your rapid associated with the Delta made a nice contribution. In the eyes of zhang, PLC can be a cultural use, and the cultivation of these culture want to be renewed, Delta initiated a policy of to plan large-scale investment in school-enterprise co-operation. Not long ago, was successfully held in Nanjing Institute of Automation Laboratory among the first opening ceremony from the Delta, the Delta always be set up in major cities over the country sneakers laboratory. Collaboration with tertiary institutions, the promotion of Delta products will are more in-depth, likewise for school students in research and practice to provide more forms of useful intention. New design is more close to user needs Delta DVP-PLC products, higher than the industry because of their small PLC's implementation, communication speed and larger capacity 16k steps and also characteristics, is definitely one focus of the marketplace. The product provides the commercial market will be the most common communication format Ethernet (Modbus TCP, EtherNet / IP), DeviceNet, CANopen, PROFIBUS-DP, RS232/422/485, addition to the PLC communication modules, happen to be also different kinds of remote I / O and Gateway for that selection, more importantly, stable high-speed industrial networks through the combination of Delta on the full array of industrial automation products meet up with customer applications more convenient and easy solution. Meanwhile, in order to achieve industrial-grade and stable quality, the chosen design elements are all industry standard, by design engineers to make a single component in the interference and resistance to environmental testing in the factory carried out by professional R & D engineers test the complete system registration. DVP-PLC's design philosophy end up being to meet customer's use, and to the higher functionality, simple operation, fast communication, enhance security and diversity of programming language is Delta International PLC department is working hard in the direction, Delta in 2009 officially launched in June DVP-ES2 Series is designed and developed this practice. Manager Zhang also introduced yr to win the market launch in the Delta in addition to high praise from the DVP-ES2 Series PLC, also introduced a totally new line with standard IEC61131-3 programming software ISPSoft, meet up with the international standard controller editing syntax. Currently available Ladder, Function Block grammar, the future will be rolled out ST, SFC and other programming syntax. It is understood that Delta 2010 launch DVP-SS2/SX2 Qiangzai high functional PLC and DVP-10PM thin high-performance motion controller, and also the AH number of medium-sized PLC. As a minor PLC based Delta PLC products, net the applications in the economic machinery industry, application level and the of mechanical design are inseparable. Manager Zhang explains: 'In a very long period of time, begin to of winning depend for the situation will gradually develop both qualitative and quantitative development. Utilizing the focus on the strengthening of energy saving, high speed, high precision industrial machinery proportion increasing sum automation one other driving the PLC to further improve the industrial requirements. 'He also stated that modest PLC market in China, industrial bus will stop in volume. In certain areas areas, PLC and CNC cross each other, say for example a large PLC and DCS as the boundaries become increasingly fuzzy. More features will replace the mechanical structure and flexible action, machinery will become more simple, easy, efficient and less material use. PLC market trends for precise control, likewise makes the Delta PLC products will end the industry a much-anticipated weathervane.
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