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CNC Engraving Machine Introduction

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-22
We human being etching and caring things for a long history. In early years, engraving stuffs are awkward due to lack of precise tools and advanced experience. later with advanced etching craft experience passed down from generations, many hand made engraved fine arts are produced and we are most shocked by our ancestor's talents. However the work efficiency is relatively low due to all craft has to be down by hands. Only after modern engraving machines are invented, massive fine art production can be realized. Machines always have a good performance in efficiency and production capacity. Modern engraving machines are more precise in etching and about two-thirds of them are CNC engraving machine. CNC is a short name for computerized Numerical Control. CNC machines usually consists of three components: Control system, Drive Machine and Machine. The Control system is a computer program to instrument the drive machine to finish all kinds of cutting path. Such programs can be loaded for thousands of times and can be also edited or rewrite for a different cutting works. The CNC engraving machine program is related to a famous design program called AutoCAD. AutoCAD helps to transfer your designed image into applicable machine execute code. Therefore the first step in the CNC engraving process is to creat a designed image that is to be engraved. Today some engraving machines are even more high-tech instruments using laser technology. 2D, 3D engraving and massive precise production is an easy task with this high technology. CNC machines has a widely applications today and we can list out number of fields. This may include furniture fields, advertisement industries; banners; photo printing, publishing house; cover printing; fabrication, industries, and the metal process industries. Some people have a common recognition error, insisting that CNC machines needs educated works with skills. However even less skilled workers can operate such machines with a few months learning. AutoCAD is a simple computer program, and skills or creative design ideas can be acquired with days of hardworking. Another common error related to engraving machine is that most people thinks that this high technology machine must be expensive. But again, technology is always developing and there already existed many desktop even portable engraving machines with as low as hundreds of money. This type of engraving machine is your ideal tool for cutting and engraving small materials.
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