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Creating Artistic Cakes with the Silhouette Portrait

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-19
Silhouette Portrait Machine is extremely useful to the craft lovers. The machine has the ability to ease the process of craft making. But have you ever wondered the extensive range of design possibilities with the Silhouette Cameo Machine. Can you imagine decorating a cake with the help of this innovative craft cutter? The answer to this should be a yes. It is possible to create decorative and various other embellishments that goes on cakes with the help of the Silhouette Portrait Machine. Icing sheets are used to make various designs that go on the surface of the wedding cake. These icing sheets are made to be strong enough to go through the electronic cutting machine. The very first step in making the cake is to understand what the client wants. The requirement of the bride is taken into consideration and picture references are asked so as to recreate or design cakes that will blow them away. The company offers several templates and designs to the customers. One can pick and choose from the designs and download the one that meets their fancy. For instance ruffled borders can be created with the help of the images that are available. These are not actual ruffled sheets but give the illusion of being so. The scalloped design is apt for it and this can be easily made by using the Silhouette Portrait Machine software. Several scallops can be cut out from the icing sheets in various colors like gold, red, sliver and the likes. These can be layered on the various tiers of the cake. The Damask design template also helps in creating a damask patter on any tier of the cake. It adds a regal touch to the cake. The cut out of the Damask designs could be in any color or shade. This can be placed on the surface of the cake and adds a more realistic feel. There are made from icing sheets that are edible hence one does not have to worry about any health scares. The initials or the names of the bride and the groom can also be monogramed onto the cake. This adds a personalized touch and adds more meaning to the cake. After the design has been cut one has to remove the backing paper vary carefully otherwise it may crack. Use a shortening to gently brush on the back of the design. This will help the design to stick well on the cake.
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