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Custom Transformers or Toroid Transformer The

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-05
Custom transformers are those which are made to your specifications and customized to your special needs. Your needs could range from many different kinds of transformers and inductors including laminated transformers, toroid transformers , E and C-cored transformers and ferrite cored components. Just make sure that the manufacturer you deal with works very closely with its customers to establish long term partnerships the way SIGA does. Customization relates to a number of factors like installation site, installation environment, even application. So when you order custom transformers obviously you are taking into consideration factors like where they are going to be installed. Strictly speaking custom transformers should remain functional even under severe weather conditions. If the area where they need to function is prone to dust storms or is simply very dusty under normal conditions, you need to underline the fact to the manufacturers. The safety of operations can be compromised by the fact whether the custom transformers are fire proof or not. Some of the critical specifications of any custom transformers relate to output and input frequency and voltage. The input voltage may vary from few volts to hundreds of volts and even kilovolts. The output power rating is totally dependent on the kind of application you need the transformer for. Winding turns ratio, with popular choices like step-up, step-down, variable and multiple winding can also be customized. These transformers may be further described by their essential construction. A lot of existing transformers are lesion on toroidal cores. Toroid transformers are used because they offer multiple magnetic advantages and hence they are used as inductors in applications such as low-frequency transmitters and receivers. The greatest advantage of a toroid transformer is that this component offers higher and better inductance. A typical toroid transformer would come in a feature resembling that of a doughnut. Unlike the other inductors toroids hardly interact with neighboring components. Not only is it a cost effective component, the Q values are also great. Add to that you can find them in different diameters and width. After all a toroid transformer comes in two different forms, namely ferrites and the powdered iron.
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