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Cutting Mat - Strategies to Keep Your Rotary Cutter Sharp

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-22
Cutting mats and rotary cutters come together when working with any arts and crafts projects and also for embroidery or quilting. This is precisely why we can not stress enough the benefits of taking good care of one's crafting tools. Most of these tools might be very easily acquired just about anywhere but by carrying out some basic maintenance you can certainly help them to be preserved longer. By simply following these techniques below you are able to definitely save quite a bit of cash in the long run from having to get new rotary blades every time they need replacing. Furthermore, it will save you from that infuriating experience of having a dull blade just when you really need it the most. Work with a self healing cutting mat - As stated before, a cutting mat and rotary cutter goes together in numerous crafting projects. This really is the reason why you must make sure to definitely use a cutting mat or if possible a self healing cutting mat for the undertakings. Utilizing this as your surface for cutting not only are you going to protect your platforms or work surfaces but you can also help reduce the dulling of your respective blades. However, always remember to definitely pick a quality cutting mat and never substitute it with a cheaper option. Look for a cutting mat that promises both value and reliability. Utilize a special blade sharpener - Depending upon the brand of rotary cutter you are using, you can actually get a blade sharpener to help you sharpen the blades. Take into account though that particular brands might not have to be sharpened. Some blades may perhaps need you to invest in a distinctive blade sharpener developed for that particular brand. Clean your cutter often - Be certain that you really thoroughly clean your rotary cutter every after use. To start this quickly take out the screw found exactly where the blade is connected. Soon after taking out the initial screw, easily take out the nut, the curled washer plus the other screw along with the blade protector. To assist you to recall exactly where what screw goes where, we advise that you simply position the screws, nut and washer in the desk in the order which you removed them. Clean the blade and the plastic shield by using a smooth cloth with a handful of drops of oil. As soon as that is carried out, just before putting all the things together make sure that you just place a few drops of oil on both sides of the blade. In the event you fail to remember the way to get it together, the vast majority of rotary cutting blades in fact come with a diagram that will help assemble it again. Evade scrapping the edge - At times most of us unexpectedly scrape the ruler or pins when using the blade which causes the blade to get dulled a lot quicker and in some cases even nick it. So whenever possible steer clear of doing this. Ensure that it's adequately oiled - Make the cutting task and lengthen your blade's lifespan by simply regularly oiling your rotary blades. Make sure to use high-quality sewing machine oil when carrying this out. Remember that the best companion of any rotary cutter is a top quality cutting mat. Through the use of a top quality self healing cutting mat and following those suggestions above you are sure to possess a rotary cutter which can last for years to come.
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