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Exercise Your Way to Good Health on a Treadmill

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-13
Walking is one of the easiest, simplest and most effective ways of exercising. Investing in a treadmill ensures that you can exercise right at home, any time and in any weather. There are some things you should note before buying the treadmill. The Treadmill Motor and its Power When buying a treadmill, check out the quality of the motor as this is the part that gets the heaviest workout. Ensure that the motor carries at least a year's warranty. Strength of the motor is usually given in terms of horse power. Check for duty ratings as horse power rating maybe confusing for you. The treadmill 'duty' falls between continuous and peak. 'Peak duty rating' is less valuable, so look for 'continuous duty rating' between 1.5 to 2.5. Some machines are noisier than the others. DC or direct current motors are quieter. If you are planning to place the machine near the TV and watch programs during your workout, you obviously need to be able to hear it over the noise of the treadmill. The Treadmill Parts Check out the machine well before you buy it. Walk on it at different speeds and check if the ride feels jerky or shaky. The width and length of the treadmill belt should be suitable to your body size and length of stride. The hand rails should be of sturdy build and placed in comfortable height and position for comfortable grips as well as arm motions. The Treadmill Features Some people prefer to walk, jog or run without any distractions. Others love distractions like music, videos or even books. Unless properly distracted these people tend to abandon their treadmill workouts out of boredom. Some models of treadmills plug into audio or video players while some others are capable of connecting to the internet. Choose treadmills with book racks for those who are into reading while walking. A water bottle holder is a very helpful accessory. Treadmill models with pre-set and programmable workouts for varying pace and incline are very convenient to use. Pulse monitors come attached with most mid-high range treadmills. The Treadmill Size and its Storage: Ensure the treadmill is of the right size that fits into the place you have planned for it. Looks can be deceptive as the machine that might look small in the large spacious store can turn into an elephant in your drawing room. Check out how easy it is to move around as well the ease of folding it up. Note the size of the folded machine and make sure that it fits into the planned storage places. The Conclusion It is a significant investment in one's own health and well being. Treadmills come in a variety of price ranges from low budget manual ones to high end electronic types. Manual treadmills are much cheaper than the motorized treadmills, but then there are plenty of drawbacks to them ranging from difficulty in using to cheap construction quality. Consider all your options before settling on a choice. Plenty of bargain sales and discounts are available in different shops during various seasons and festivals. One of India's best online shopping websites, has a great collection of fitness equipments that include the top brands of manual and motorized treadmills. Visit this online gadget store for easy and enjoyable shopping experiences.
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