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Gusset Folding Mechanism And Method For Plastic

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-11
And with said web guiding surface of one of said members facing upwardly and the web guiding surface of the other of said members facing downwardly, whereby during its travel one of said adjacent portions of said web passes over said one wing member and the other adjacent portion of the web passes beneath said other of the wing members. Your old, worn, holey jeans aren't relegated to a life at the landfill. It is possible to breathe new life into otherwise unwearable garments by turning them into fashion-forward accessories. Bootie bags are one example of upcycled fashion. Bootie bags make use of the upper portion of a pair of jeans---though any pair of pants suffices---to create a messenger-style handbag. Pants with damage to the legs or crotch work well for bag making; pants with holes running along the posterior need repair work before they're suitable for use. Recycling jeans into bags requires little in the way of materials and sewing skills, making it a viable project for beginning seamsters.Lay a pair of jeans right-side out and flat on your work surface. Position the jeans so the posterior faces upward, toward you.Lay a ruler across the posterior of the jeans. Mark a straight line with tailor's chalk on the jeans, just above the juncture of the legs. Cut across the line. Cut through both the front and back layers of fabric. The jeans should now resemble a skirt.Sew a straight line across the bottom of the jeans along the cut edge, approximately a quarter-inch from the cut edge.Lay the jean legs on your work surface. Cut two strips of fabric measuring 6 inches by 2 inches.Fold one strip of jean fabric in half lengthwise, with the wrong side of the fabric facing outward. Do the same for the second strip.Sew along the lengthwise edge of the jean strip a quarter-inch from the cut edges. Do the same for the second strip.Turn both strips right-side out, so the sewn edge is obscured inside the tube.Position one strap on the inside edge of the bag, over each of the front pockets of the jean bag. Sew in place. Align the second strap with the back pockets of the jeans on the inside edge of the bag. Sew in place.Place a snap closure on the inside edge of the bag, behind the button closure of the jeans. Position the corresponding portion of the snap closure on the back waistband of the fabric, opposite from the button closure. Sew in place.Embellish as desired with fabric paint, lace trim, rick-rack, appliques, rhinestones or any other decorative element you feel adds aesthetic value to your bootie bag. In a bag making machine of the type in which the overlapped halves of an elongate non-tubular web of material, which is folded about a fold line extending medially of its longitudinal side edges, travel from the nip between a pair of inlet rolls to the nip between a pair of outlet rolls spaced from the inlet rolls, a gusset forming machanism located in the space between said pairs of rolls and comprising, web separating means including a pair of elongate wing members extending in spaced, parallel relation to each other between said overlapped halves of web transversely of said longitudinal side edges thereof, and part way toward said fold line, and having thereon web guiding surfaces operative during travel of said web from said inlet to said outlet rolls initially to effect disengagement and gradual separation of said side edges and adjacent, registering portions of said web a predetermined distance, and then gradual reengagement of said adjacent portions of the web.
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