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Hollow fiber filter a is a kind of water treatment equipment? This thing is useless. filter some micro impurities ??? Hollow fiber filter-Hollow fiber filtration (English: Hollow fiber filter) as the name implies ultra-precision filtration.To sum up, it is a separation technique based on the size of molecules or ions.When the larger solute is trapped, the material smaller than the pore diameter of the membrane is filtered out with the volume.The method is simple in operation, without phase change and low in energy consumption, without adding chemical reagents.The molecular weight of the separation substance by UF is 5 k--0.1 million or approximate aperture size 10--100A (0.001--0.01um ).Can remove bacteria,Viruses and particles,Remove most of the gel,Polymer compounds,Heat sources and microorganisms,However, salt with low molecular weight cannot be removed.The reverse osmosis can intercept salts according to the phase difference, while the pore size range of micro-pore filtration is 0.1-1.0um.Consumables

SUMWIC MACHINERY CO., LTD is a company that specializes in cut to length line and can be highly elastic, cohesive and reliable. SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY adheres to the business philosophy which is to share the joy and worry with customers and seek common development with society. We also promote our enterprise spirit of 'integrity, innovation and win-win'. Based on honesty, we emphasize development and innovation and hope to cooperate with like-minded people. Together we can achieve a win-win situation and create brilliance. transformer winding machine produced by SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY is mainly used in the following fields. cut to length machine produced by SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY is very popular in the market. Its quality is highly valued in our factory. Overall reinforcement layer of SUMWIC machines make it able to suit all kinds of harsh environment. we has distribution network throughout the country. SUMWIC machines are less sensitive to external power fluctuation. we is committed to providing high-quality products at affordable prices. Customers in need are welcome to contact us.

Advantages of ceramic filter Composition of PC ceramic filter produced by Suno Group;The shape of the ceramic filter is similar to that of the disc vacuum filter,It mainly consists of drum system, stirring system, scraping system, slurry tank, Machine adding and discharging system, vacuum system, backwashing system and filter discharge system.Combined cleaning and fully automatic control system.Working principle;The slurry tank is welded from stainless steel plate,Play the role of bearing slurry,The mixer mixes the slurry in the slurry tank,Avoid slurry deposition;The ceramic filter plate is mounted on the drum,The drum is supported by two bearing seats.Driven by the reducer,To 0.5 ~ 2 rotation/min rotation,Under the action of vacuum,Adsorbed on a ceramic filter plate,The cake is scraped by a scraper,Taken by the conveyor,The filter reaches the filter tank through the dispenser,And the filter pump backflush the ceramic filter plate through the waterway system,The installation of the filter pump must be
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