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How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
How about American ke qi water purifier? Is the quality of the water dispenser of Ke Qi reverse osmosis direct drinking filter not good? It is recommended that you first understand the two major technologies of the current water purifier industry: 1. reverse osmosis. 2. UF. Reverse osmosis is currently recognized as the safest and most scientific water treatment technology in the world. The water base through the reverse osmosis membrane is pure water, that is, only water molecules, so it is the safest, so the reverse osmosis machine is also called a pure water machine. The filtration accuracy of UF is tight and reverse osmosis, and the pure water is not produced. because the pore size of the UF membrane is larger than that of reverse osmosis, some manufacturers promote that the UF water purifier is a water purifier that can retain minerals. In fact, it is light to avoid weight, since it is not pure water, there may be bacteria, viruses and chemical pollutants with a diameter smaller than the pore size

SUMWIC MACHINERY CO., LTD has been engaged in research and development and creation of toroidal winding machine since its inception. SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY's enterprise spirit is to be pragmatic, rigorous and efficient. The business concept is focused on integrity and win-win cooperation. We are committed to providing quality products and services and creating a first-class brand in the industry. As one of SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY's main products, toroidal winding machine has wide applications. It is mainly used in the following aspects. According to the material, SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY's products are divided into several categories, and transformer winding machine is one of them. We have built a strict quality control system to fully ensure its quality. Overall reinforcement layer of SUMWIC machines make it able to suit all kinds of harsh environment. our team has formulated the strict quality control system and the operation flow. Imported high-quality parts are adapted for SUMWIC machines. The products are of excellent quality and favorable price, please feel free to contact us for quotation!

My fish tank is the best filter for 40*20*20 with how much wattage and flow (reward 200) 5 W is good!My Steel is the same as you!It uses Chuangxing 400,There is no sound at night . So many points to use?The capacity of your fish tank is 16 liters,Then the general filter water flow is 10 ~ of the tank capacity ~ 20 times/hour.Then calculate the virtual power,Choose a water flow of 200 liters ~ 400 liters of filters per hour,This data can be viewed on the packaging of the pump and on the nameplate on the pump body.Suitable filter form by filter barrel,Waterfall filter and filter,I recommend waterfall filtering,Simple and convenient,No place.My little tank is filtered with waterfalls,The internal filter is free.The 0400 star is good.Your tank is 16 liters full of water,Use such a large fish tank for 5 ~ 8 Watts can be,When you buy a pump,Look at the traffic,The flow rate is generally 3 ~ of the total amount of water ~ Five times,That is to say, select traffic 80 ~ The 100 liter/hour pump is enough not to use
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