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How about the ODM service flow?
SUMWIC MACHINERY CO., LTD has been focusing on the Manufacturing Machinery Other Machinery & Industry Equipment business for years. And we have won many honorary qualifications due to the outstanding R&D capabilities and superb production technology. SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY enjoys a superior geographical location with many transportation routes. This facilitates the going out of people and the transportation of goods. According to different needs of customers, SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY is capable of providing reasonable, comprehensive and optimal solutions for customers. SUMWIC MACHINERY COMPANY is a talent-rich company. We gather a group of experienced technical and management talents in the R&D, production and after-sales service. We provide high-quality OEM/ODM services according to customers' needs.

What is the reason for the water quality scale filtered by the ultra-filtration machine? At present, the household water purifier on the market is mainly divided into two types: pure water type water purifier and ultra-filtration water purifier.Due to the high filtering accuracy of the pure water machine (this type of machine needs to use electricity), the harmful substances and trace elements in the filtered water are filtered out. The UF model retains calcium, magnesium ions and trace elements in the water while filtering harmful substances. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water will be oxidized and reduced with the continuous increase of temperature, forming white crystals. this is an oxidation and reduction phenomenon, not impurities in the water. (This happens if boiled water is boiled with mineral water ).Personal advice, generally do not make tea, it is best not to boil the water, warm to the body temperature is close. (In this way, calcium and magnesium ions in the water will not be oxidized a

What is the principle of efficient precision filter? Efficient precision filters are an essential part of the compressed air system. This filter reliably removes liquid water, oil molecules, solid particles and other impurities from compressed air. The appropriate filter can make the compressed air from the oil-free compressor or lubrication compressor safe contact with food or medicine to ensure the quality of the gas and the quality of the product. Working Principle of high-efficiency precision filter: the filter element of DPC high-efficiency precision filter adopts a straight-through open design, so that the filtered impurities pass through the liquid storage cavity without penetration through the filter element and are discharged by the automatic drainage valve; the central filter element adopts high-quality polymer filtration materials, which has a certain adsorption capacity for impurities such as oil mist, fully ensuring the filtration effect. some compressed air is purged from top to bottom on the in
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