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How is the quality of toroidal core winder?
The brief answer is "great", but we wouldn't specify toroidal core winder as "great" - We would use the expression "specialist". We select staff and materials cautiously and operate stringent excellent insurance practices. We assure you the quality of the merchandise we created will likely be the standard in the sector.
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The high quality toroidal winding machine makes SUMWIC Machinery more competitive in the industry. rectangular core machine produced by SUMWIC MACHINERY CO., LTD is very popular in the market. SUMWIC Machinery cut to length line machine is constructed in accordance with international electrical safety standards. It follows the requirements of IEC, EMC, CE and so on. Most of SUMWIC winding machines feature off-power memory retention. Most costumers considered core cutting machine are cut to length line machine and worth of trust. All SUMWIC machines have low noise level.

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