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Insight Into Traction Motors

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-03
Motors form an integral part of everyday life as they are vital for most machines, from vehicles to daily use appliances. The traction motor is one such device, which is specially used for offering torque and controlling the motion of any equipment. This article offers a basic understanding about this engine. The traction DC motorprovides basic rotational torque that translates into linear motion. Also known as the steering motor, this engine consists of field winding, which is a heavy wire that is wound inside its case, and an armature with brushes. Usually, this motor helps propel the vehicle or parts of the machines. But, while reversing the equipment motion or for brakes, it may be used in combination with various other systems to redirect extra power or energy generated. The main problem of these motors is that the brushes usually wear out with time. Since these brushes are constantly making and breaking connections, there is a possibility of sparks and, as a result, short circuits. The traction drive is used in various machines like elevators, conveyor belts at airports, trolley buses, washing machines, etc. They are also extensively used for hybrid vehicles and battery-operated machines. One of the most common applications is in the diesel locomotive. This vehicle has a generator that offers power to the electric vehicle controller, which, in turn, provides force. Additionally, with traction, it is easier to slowly build speed, as well as control it. Available in many sizes, the traction used here is of a medium built and is available in both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electric motors. Other devices using the traction drive also benefit greatly as the power is directly sourced from the motor to the wheels or other machine parts. Plus, since it works on its own axle, the chassis for vehicles or connecting parts of the machine wear out less frequently and last longer. It has specially designed resistors in the internal case to manage speeds,not only to keep the speeds in limit but also to adapt according to the load. This translates into lesser load on the mains of the power and reduced usage of fossil fuel. With this information on traction motors, you are sure to get further insight into the world of DC motors and their applications.
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