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Installation Technology of Ultrasonic Testing Tubes

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-06-24
1. After the ultrasonic screening tubes are carried the particular building web site, it should be prevented to create it twisted or pressed for the duration of loading, handing and investing. The ultrasonic testing tube must be stored in areas with rain shade in order so that you can the rustiness when using the pipe human upper body. The ultrasonic screening tubes that have been completely going to be installed must be examined very starting. These that happen to be twisted or deformed aren't permitted with regard to installation methods. 2. The ultrasonic testing pipe may be immediately fixed on the inside from the reinforcing cage. The spacing among the fastened points ought to under 2m. The converter should have fastened factors while using the bottom from the ultrasonic screening tube and the joint components. Regarding the components exactly where you cannot find any reinforcing cage, the ultrasonic testing tube might be mounted with metal brackets. 3. Intended for your fixing technique a problem ultrasonic testing tube as well as compared to the reinforcing cage, metal clip can be described as a priority. After the clip is closely pressed within the ultrasonic screening tube, the clip and metal ought to be welded jointly. Technique of binding the ultrasonic testing tube as well as the reinforcing cage in the fixed level: Very first, wrap an iron wire within the metal twice. Then, braid the iron wire regarding 70-80mm. Separate the 2 iron wires and bind the ultrasonic screening tube. Last, fasten the iron wire. (All the binding of iron wires at the fixed position must comply with this technique.) Software of clamping ultrasonic screening tube. Through in the least hard with the ultrasonic screening tube, had been upper pipes are placed correctly (with 3mm of scale mark), stage the rounded concave component from a special clamping best at the convex part in the socket (or joint) with a rubber ring inside. Press the pipes on the joint element into your shape of hexagon. Verify the tightness and evaluate the size having a measurement. If the gauge can completely be caught into your shape of hexagon, it reveals that it's been pressed restricted adequate. four. After all of us putting the reinforcing cage into your pile holes, need to always shield the reinforcing cage from getting twisted. Pipes ought to be horizontal or vertical with one another. The ultrasonic testing tube must be mounted with the reinforcing cage area by part. Each part, we should inject clear regular into the ultrasonic testing tube. Right after the set up, the ultrasonic screening tube should be sealed by lid or cork just in case that there might be dust falling in the ultrasonic testing tube throughout the process of concreting and blocking the passage. five. The depth of burying the ultrasonic screening tube should be stored 50mm-150mm previously mentioned the bottom using the piles. The right from the ultrasonic screening tube in order to held 300mm-500mm over the very best of this piles. The height uncovered of the ultrasonic screening tube with regard for the exact same pile needs to be exactly the truly. 6. Prior to casting concrete on the piles, it is actually essential to examine the drinking water stage in the ultrasonic screening tube. Fill it if there is definitely not ample water. 7. When the ultrasonic screening tubes should be cut, we should implement cutting machine and polish the mouth in the pipe 1st. Welding machine cannot be utilised intended for this perform. 8. Through the welding of steel, consider not to allow the welding fluid be sprayed surrounding the body or joint in the ultrasonic testing tube.
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