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Machines Makes Human Life Comfortable

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-02
Coir is the raw material which is used to manufacture bed mattresses, floor mats, door mats, brushes, sacking, etc. Coir related products are always in demand and it is frequently used in our daily life. Coir is basically a natural fibre which is obtained from the husk of coconut. Extracting the fiber from the coconut was initially done through manual process, however now a day's there are several advance machines are available which not only extract the coir from coconut but also process them adequately to produce coir made products. There are many Coir Machine Manufacturers available in the market and provides different types of equipments for end to end processing of Coir fiber. The machines which are available in the market for Coir fiber extraction and processing are: Coir Extraction Machine which extracts the fiber from coconut and makes the extraction easier and swift and in this process, it produces medium, short and baby fiber. Industrial Screener machines are use to clean and separates medium and short fibers from baby fibers. Coir hydraulic Press is the machine which is use to make bales out of dried fiber. Industrial Crusher machines help in easy soaking of the husks by crushing and punching the husks which makes the husks soft and straight for processing.The other machines are Curling, Hackling, Winding, Decorticator, etc. These above machines are easy to clean and install and the maintenance costs are also very nominal. The coir machine manufacturers manufacture these machines in state-of-art plants. The raw-material used in manufacturing these machines are of high-grade and technological advancement is also well taken care. These plants have very skilled and expert workers who maintain the standard quality of the machines being manufactured. The assembly point of these plants are fully automated and implies all the international norms to maintain the durability of the machines being produced from these plants and also it must provide value for money to the customers. Before delivering to the customers the manufacturers ensure the product quality and test these machines in different quality parameters to provide a trouble-free functional life. The coir machine manufacturers not only manufacture the machines but also engaged in supplying and exporting their wide range of coir related machines. These can also be customized according to the industrial orders and requirements. Now a day's these manufacturers have listed themselves in different internet portals and even some have their own websites, which allows the buyer to directly connect to the manufacturers and can make the deal by online only. These websites listed all the available machines for coir extraction and processing with their specifications which ultimately supports the buyers in making their decision. Although these machines incurred very nominal servicing with in some time interval, for addressing this the manufactures are adhere to provide after sales services to enhance the working of them and even maintain the standard of the coir related products and also helps in the maintaining the efficiency in the productivity.
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