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Making Memories Sets Trend With the Slice in Home Decor

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-29
Since its 1997 inception, Making Memories has become one of the nation's fastest growing manufacturers of craft and scrapbooking supplies. They attribute their amazing growth to sourcing innovative product, establishing an intimate relationship with customers, and providing an unending supply of inspirational ideas. With the combination of design talent, a bit of Fortune 500 leadership, sprinkle in a passion for scrapbooking memories, and you have the ingredients for creating one of the country's leading memory preservation companies. Based in Utah Making Memories is a well-recognized paper craft vendor all over and a definite trend setter among the crafting industry. But the newest buzz is surrounding the Slice tool for the use in home decor. Company History Around 1997 was when Making Memories was originally formed inside of a small garage by the founder, Bridgette Server. As the demand grew for her products, she quickly recruited professionals in design and business administration and opened 18 stores nationwide. The demand continued over the years and in 2005 Advent, a lead mid market buyout firm, acquired a majority stock in the company exploding their success. A balance in creativity and new innovative products is what keeps this company reaching new heights each year. But nothing had more hype than their Making Memories Slice die cutting and embossing machine. This machine is setting new trend in the home decoration industry. Company Expansion The Slice Cordless Design Cutter was released in January of 2007 at the Craft & Hobby Association in Anaheim, California Convention Center. As the scrapbooking market continued to boom this die cutting machine was a perfect fit for this enterprise and led to expansion. In this time women started branching out in creativity and even going to home decor. The Slice with it's portability and features would catch the eyes of these gals. Since then you will find all sorts of die cutting and embossing tools in many homes of scrapbookers. Making Memories feels that with the Slice, they have been able to contribute to this. 1000's of pages and cards and even home decorations have brought much joy to many. Fully exploited to the paper arts and scrapbooking industry, this vendor was attracted to the booming market and had capitalized on a remarkable tool. How Does It Work with Home Decor Many questions have been asked of how the Slice works and I would like to answer those in this article. It functions like a regular die cutting machine that you would see out on the market, but with a digital touch to it. A user would scroll through designs with a simple push of a button, previewing each shape through a two inch LCD screen. Once selected, a crafter can simply place the slice tool on top of their cardstock paper and the glass mat surface, then just press the button. Seconds later the chosen design will have been cut free from the scrapbook paper and ready to apply to the crafters project, layout, or card. As stated earlier in the article that what seems to be buzzing is the use now of these tools with home decor. Creativity is pushing the bounds of these women's minds and putting their beautiful pieces of art on the walls of the house. As scrapbooking splashes its way into the home decor market, it will be interesting to see how companies will respond the meshing of two markets. With Making Memories bringing the portability and convenience of the Slice to rome free from room to room, new innovative ideas will continue. From 1997 in a small garage to the present time in a huge manufacturing plant, crafters around the world have benefited from the Slice Design Cutter. And now with the addition of a new style of scrapbooking in decorating walls, companies hope to be in on this trend. Women creating beautiful scrapbook layouts, cards for loved ones, and purking up the home is what it is all about for Making Memories. This come stated in their company name. So that those memories may last a lifetime and give people a chance to re-live them.
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