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Making the Trouser Folding Machine

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-22
The standard chore of washing the clothes and also folding laundry may be more efficient and also faster if you will use the folding machine. While the shirt folding machine is available in most department stores, it may be difficult for you to find the trouser folding machine. Luckily, you are able to make the trouser folding machine by using the thick cardboard and also duct tape that should last for the hundreds of loads of a laundry if used and also stored well. Here is more information for you. For the first step, you need to lay down one of 10-inch squares flat on the workspace. Set the 10-by-20 piece below it, then aligning 10-inch sides. Set another 10-inch square below 10-by-20 and then align 10-inch sides. It will give you the set of pieces that make 10-by-40-inch long rectangle. For the second step, position three pieces of the cardboard therefore they will have A�-inch gap between every piece. After that, run the piece of duct tape over every gap in order to connect the pieces in the row and also form seams. Flip three connected pieces over and then place duct tape across the seams on another side. After that, set the 40-inch long piece of the cardboard next to the connected three pieces. Then, adjust the cardboard pieces therefore there will be a A�-inch gap between the pieces. Place the duct tape over a long gap in order to connect the pieces. After that, flip a unit over and then run the second strip of the duct tape over a seam on another side. For the last step, fold pants by laying them out on a cardboard and then bringing the waist up until it will reach a top edge of a cardboard. Fold over a long side first along the seam in order to fold the pants in a half. After that, fold a bottom piece up that is followed by folding a top piece down. The trousers must end up folded and also resting on 10-by-20-inch piece of the cardboard.
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