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Mediterranean Bi Folding Doors Are The Perfect

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-09
Although originally cost implications for internal blinds for Bi-folding doors were quite high the new Mediterranean Bi-folding door has successfully overcome this problem by fitting these blinds inside the doubles glazed units. This amazing innovation means that the blinds are kept clean at all times, with no cleaning required by you! The blinds will not gather dust as they are kept in the air tight compartment. As well as this the stainless steel wheels that allow the door to move will remove any dust or dirt that manages to reach through the seal. I presume you're wondering how you control the blinds if they are positioned inside the glass panels. Well, the discreet control mechanism is conveniently located on the side upright and is easy to use - with the press of a button you are able to adjust the blinds to meet your requirements this will allow you to bring in as much natural light as you require. Studies conducted by Harvard University have shown that those employees based in a physically unappealing office with little or no natural light show lower levels of motivation and productivity however those with more natural light and a more appealing office environment appreciate their employers consideration and motivation and productivity levels rise significantly - Who knew the type of doors and windows you chose could have such an impact on your performance as a company? It is understandable that your concern of your office or property is paramount. Why would you want to invest into a door that wasn't secure and safe. Well with Bi-folding doors you don't need too... Surprisingly underneath the attractive outlook the Bi-Folding doors are a lean, mean 5 point locking system machine! With stainless steel drop bolts on the folding door and a locking key if you require one. The hardware is tested with up to 50,000 opening and closing actions and has only been used before on heavy-duty doors. Surprisingly unlike other traditional doors the master door has a magnetic door stop so that when the doors are open the master door is firmly held in place. In terms of your concerns regarding the longevity of the doors, you will be pleased to hear that the Bi-folding doors are corrosion tested with over 600 hours - You may be shocked to discover that these doors now meet marine standards. Along with the 10 year guarantee, you can relax knowing your investment with bi-folding doors is good and safe.
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