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Open Letter To Gym Owners

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-02
This is an open letter to all the commercial gyms in the world: Dear Gym Owner: I am a client of yours and I'm sick and tired of you treating me like I have no idea what goes into getting fit. I'm tired of you treating me like I'm weak or a wimp and I'm tired of having all the 'broken' and substandard equipment winding up in 'my' area. That's right! I'm a woman. I like to weight train, and your 'Ladies Area' is an INSULT! How dare you provide me with only pink plastic dumbbells and shiny chrome dumbbells that only go up to 15lbs (and sometimes not even that high)... Yes, I'll squeal in delight, 'Look!! Sooo prettyyyyy, sooo shinyyyy, sooo CUTE and tiny !!' Umm... NO! I will not stand for this. I'm putting my foot down here. I want to build some lean muscle, I want to create definition, I want to burn fat and I want to get ripped. I do not want to waste my time swinging weights that will not progress me one iota. Give me some dumbbells that are HARD to lift, not something that matches my outfit (and for the record I wouldn't be caught dead in pink). And what about barbells? The 'Ladies' (as you call us) don't need to lift a barbell? Not even a pink one? Why not? Can't we handle it? I have never, ever seen a barbell in any 'Ladies Area' in any gym I've stepped foot in. Again, this is wildly insulting. We're not weaklings and we're not stupid... and those of us who are truly serious really want to get under that bar and lift heavy stuff, man. Please, PLEASE give us a barbell or two, how about a squat rack and a bench press that is not a machine while you're at it? Thanks man... now you're trying to make friends with me. Finally... OH... MY... GAWD !!! Stop giving us machines to spot reduce... especially adductor/abductor machines (also known as the 'Hip Toner'). Those things are useless!! You know it. I know it. Get rid of it. The only thing spot reduction machines do is build muscle under the fat and make the area I'm trying to reduce look BIGGER!! Complete opposite of what I'm trying to achieve. And get rid of that cotton pickin' ab cradle too. I want ripped abs not something to rock me comfortably back 'n forth. So, what do you say? You want to be friends with me again? Ah, never mind. I'm one of the serious ones so I work out in the big boy area with the heavy, grey dumbbells, barbells, squat racks, bench presses and not a sign of the color pink in sight (except for the sweaty faces of the heavy lifters working out around me). Just because I'm a 'chick' does not mean that I'm not strong enough to lift heavy equipment or equipment that is in good working order, got it? 'Nuff said. Over 'n out.
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