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SCF-400 Unicore Machine Be Shipped to Paraguay


The Paraguay customer is engaged in the design and manufacturing of distribution transformer, and they were interested in the Unicore Machine,

and their management send the inquiry to us, and we were discussed with them about the machine specification, production capacity, and other details.

Besides, they also visited our customers in Argentina to see the Unicore Machine, and they feel that the machine is good to produce the unicore for them,

They decided to buy the machine in Jan.2019 after confirm the cost, packing, shipping and inspection.

The lead time is only 30 days for us to complete the machine, to be honest, it is urgent for our production plan, because the Chinese New Year will coming after we getting this order.

so our people work overtime to make the unicore machine for customer, and it is lucky that we completed the unicore machine in 30 days.

and we make the testing for machine according to the requirements of unicore drawing they send, then we take the video and picture to customer for checking.

Customer also send their people to inspect the machine before packing and loading.

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