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Servo Stabilizers

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-05
It is seen that in spite of best efforts by various Electricity Boards / Supply undertakings the voltage at consumer's end is never constant. The reason being diverse loading duties arising in transmissions and distribution network. During the day time when the load requirements is more the voltage remains quite low and during night it goes up than the normal. As a result of these never ending voltage fluctuations there is frequent Tripping / Breakdown of the systems / machines and precious equipment's resulting into low production. Different range of Servo Voltage Stabilizer can overcome and control these voltage fluctuations & can provide you with the desired constant output voltages. Every Automatic Voltage Regulator rolled out of the factory undergoes strict and rigid inspection and testing. All the servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers should undergo this tests before releasing the product to the market Servo Stabilizer are available in a vast choice of Input and Output Voltage range suitable for various applications in industries, institutions and residences etc. having indigenous, imported sophisticated machines / instrument / gadgets etc. The servo stabilizers are air cooled or oil cooled constructed depending upon the customer's requirement. They work on simple principle's like adding or subtracting a voltage. These servo controlled voltage stabilizers can be used for computers, Xerox machines, certain medical equipments, laboratories etc., Many of these stabilizers work automatically while some are manual. These automatic servo stabilizers are best to fit in those companies or industries where they is regular fluctuation of power. This helps in keeping their equipment safe. The servo stabilizer manufacturer manufactures these stabilizers in such a way that they are very efficient, safe and control the fluctuations in better way. They also save power. Constant voltage transformer uses a unique principle of error sonance. When the iron core of a transformer is at saturation, there will be relatively large changes in winding current which results in very small changes in magnetic flux. Winding current and magnetic flux are proportional to the input and output voltage. Variacs or variable auto transformer is a continuously variable voltage transformer, having a single layer winding on a toroidal core of high grade steel. In an auto transformer, portions of the same winding act as both the primary and secondary winding. The winding has at least three taps where electrical connections are made. One end of the winding is usually connected in common to both the voltage source and the electrical load.
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