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Slitting Machine Pigs Have Feelings Too

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-06-07
Most Americans eat about one pig each per calendar months. Annually, about 100 million pigs are killed for food. Additionally seems that a pig's purpose in life is to become food, this doesn't seem so bad. However,slitting machine disturbing investigations and videos have emerged recently that show some of the horrible ways that pigs are looked after. Most of it is caused by the standards in 'factory farms' - large pig breeding enterprises where pigs are crowded together in conditions that aren't like what life for a pig on a small farm would be. Fear, confinement, and rapidly spreading disease would normally kill the animals, so however pumped up with antibiotics to keep them alive until slaughter. Mother pigs are kept in gestation crates where yet even inside a turn roughly. They are artificially inseminated and allow birth to around two litters of piglets each year - one after the other. Their piglets have to nurse the particular bars of this crates. These kind of are taken away from the their mothers when these kinds of only several weeks old - much earlier where they is to be on a farm, where mothers and babies possess a strong slitting machine this. They are castrated and have their own tails removed without pain reliever. At four months old or so, they are sent to slaughter. These people become ill before that, they are shot a head using a bolt device. Then there is cruelty - beyond the daily 'normal' cruelty for being crowded, ill, and while it fear - inflicted by workers at the plants. Videos have shown workers pulling pigs by their snouts, poking out their eyes, kicking them, and beating them with hammers and gate rods. If all this sounds disturbing, videos of pigs being mistreated and living in such horrible conditions are even worse yet. What makes it sadder is that pigs are intelligent - smarter rather than a dog plus a three-year-old child, according to some studies - and under better conditions can live into their teens and form social bonds for some other pigs. Perhaps an easier alternative is to be aware of where your pork stems from. Stop buying pork from large providers. Instead, shop at farmers markets or even at a neighborhood farm. You are able to research and visit the farm if you can. Or try natural food stores like Whole Foods, which has standards that the suppliers must meet, including better treating pigs. While there is no guarantee that the slitting machine guidelines have been followed, there is a much better chance how the pig were raised in really a natural way than you are on a factory farm. Will be the major also benefits to your own health from going this route - you may not be eating meat tainted by poor practices and injections of antibiotics and bodily hormones. You in addition be support legislation that abolishes intensive-confinement systems like gestation crates, and focus up on other to be able to reduce discomfort of factory farms.Many on the pigs die on approach to slaughter, where might packed in tight into transport vehicles with no climate eliminate. Some are found frozen to the edges of your truck. Some are crushed or trampled. At slaughterhouses, sometimes the stun gun or the slitting machine doesn't do the job, and pigs nonetheless conscious if they're throats are slit, still alive once they are given to boiling water, where they drown.
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