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Some Function Description For Laser Engraving

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-07-11
Laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine are equipments make use of high energy laser beam to process on content. The principle of operation is as follows, After focusing through lens, the laserlight form a dot higher energy density in as small area ( the radius is under 0.003 inch, the effective length is less than 0.2inch), materials in spot will be instantly gasified because among the processing by super energy laser grin. It will form a destructive defect, as moving the lazer focus continuously; resulting in cutting through the materials. If the destructive defect is not deep enough, which doesn't cut together with material, your own continuous processing trail can meet needed image. This is laser engraving. Through managing the energy density around the focus, if the energy insufficient to gasify the material, but it is enough to melt totally. As moving the focus, the melted area will be cooled and solidified as losing make the most of. This realized the purpose of fusing together the two materials which is apart really. This is laser welding. If lessen energy density around the main focus again, the processing material will be heated nevertheless not melted. As moving of the focus, every one of the crystal structure for the heated area changed, this realized the function of heat treatment. This can laser heat treatment. GD HAN'S YUEMING LASER TECH Corp.,LTD is a manufacturer which specialized in manufacturing previously mentioned laser gear. Products mainly are civilian use and industrial use laser equipments with power less than 1000Watt. Suitable industry: Advertisement printing, Artwork processing, Fabric garment, leather shoemaking, Electronic Product. Suitable materials: 1. Created for all kinds of materials 2. Processing cycle with zero-force 3. Can process any image with any contour. 4. High efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly. About the size of the device, the market has two opposing trends: on 1 hand, the devices are growing smaller and smaller, and weld complex; the other hand, system is greater, and three-dimensional. The continuous development of laser marking machine improved the competence. At present, the medical diagnostic products, continued development towards miniaturization welding technology, which requires several regarding functional devices can be integrated in the smallest space at one time. Other welding hair fine flow structure is very difficult, or impossible, and now, even today's low-cost scanning electron microscope laser system could be welding this product. Previously, people will choose the easy-to-focus YAG laser, however the technology costs are very expensive and television . is not flexible a satisfactory amount of. In contrast, the fiber laser or fiber-coupled diode laser cutting technology not just to meet the weld width of 0.1mm, and not subject to the restrictions of the weld shape and size of the chamber.
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