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Use The Cricut Machine to Make Quilt Blocks

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-17
The Cricut, by Provo Craft, is a printer-sized device for crafters. Using interchangeable cartridges and a moving blade, it cuts shapes and lettering from a variety of media. Although it was originally intended for paper and card stock, it's also possible to use a Cricut to cut fabric for applique or concrete brick machine. The Cricut feeds in much the same way as an inkjet printer, through a slot in the front. The procedure is straightforward. The crafter cuts a piece of paper or fabric to fit on the machine's cutting mat, which has a tacky surface to hold the material in place. Insert the mat and material into the feed slot and press the 'Load Paper' button to place the mat and the paper or fabric in position. The user selects a desired shape or lettering to be cut, and then waits as the blade cuts out the corresponding pattern. The Cricut is designed primarily for cutting paper and cardstock, which are stiffer than fabric. To cut cloth in the machine, the fabric must first be stiffened with a fusible web. Fusible web is an iron-on product that bonds to the fabric, stiffening it and immobilizing the threads. The sheet has paper backing, which also helps stiffen the fabric for use in a Cricut. Wash the fabric first and dry it without a fabric softener. Iron the web onto the underside of the fabric, using a low setting and no steam. According to the user manual, a Cricut blade can make thousands of cuts before it needs to be replaced. Paper, however, dulls the blade, so it's best to keep a separate blade for cutting fabric. Keep it in a safe place between uses. Fabric won't hold its place on the cutting mat as well as paper, so it's best to use a separate mat as well. Make sure it's scrupulously clean before starting your project because it won't hold the fabric in place very well if it has loose threads or other debris on the surface. Cut your fabric to the width of the mat and let any excess length trail from the end. Press it to the mat with a Cricut scraping tool or the side of a credit card. Load the mat according to the Cricut's manual. Choose the fastest blade speed, which makes the cleanest cuts on fabric. Flip up the Cricut's panel to reveal the keypad and insert your cartridge of choice. Select the shape you want by holding down the 'Shift' and selecting a key from the keypad. Press 'Cut' to begin cutting your concrete brick machines. Ningbo Yinzhou Nuoya Cement Block Machine Factory, a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Single and Multi Spring brick machine,concrete brick machine,block machine,We are a member of Building Block Association with excellent and advanced technology.Our machine function steady-going, is good selling at home and abroad, and well received. We give guarantee to keep in good repair for long term. Let buyer relieved in buying and desirable in using.Our factory stick hard and fast to the principle of quality first, service supreme, technology one-up, implement people foremost, vitalize industry with science and technology, constantly upgrade quality, production and service ability. Our line of products has already exceeded rest of the industry.
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