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Uses For Key Cutting Tools

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-28
Many different businesses take advantage the key cutting machine. It is a handy and versatile thing to have. Several different types are available, today. Here are some reasons to consider these key cutting tools. Manual The manual duplicator takes skill and experience to use. You can make copies that are single and double sided. They will work in door locks for most everyday applications. Hotel and house doors are an example. Automotive uses are another practical purpose. You can work with several blanks at one time, with this unit. It involves more work than other types. This can often lead to more mistakes. However, it will depend on the training and experience of the operator. A newbie is more likely to make common errors. Automatic These models are very effective for most locks. Maybe you wish to let a family member use the car. They might want their own key for the ignition lock. These machines have two holders. One is for the original. The other is used to hold the blank, which will be duplicated. The unit will trace the outline of the original. It will then cut the exact same pattern into the copy. Semi Automatic The semi automatic is very similar to the automatic method. You have to watch the machine and inspect the duplicate. This makes sure that it will work. You may need to make adjustments, as it duplicates. The automatic does everything for you. Tube type Tube type or tubular locks require a special duplication method. The tubular or barrel key has a round cylinder that is hollow. There are grooves that run parallel with the cylinder. These grooves are designed to match up with pins inside the lock. There is also a tab on the tube part. This makes it easier to turn inside the lock mechanism. You need a special machine to make these items. You may see tubular locks on vending machines. Alarm systems and certain bicycle locks, may also have them. Certain types of control panels or security panels may use these locks, also. Code cutting Have you ever seen those little cards that unlock hotel and motel doors? They are very convenient. You can easily keep them in your wallet or purse. They are an easy way to gain entry to your room. Code key cards are duplicated on a code cutting machine. The card in placed within. The machine reads the code on the card. It is a series of grooves or notches. The original card is removed and a blank is installed. The code is them cut onto the blank card. Punch Code Cutting This process is very much like the code cutter. Code cutting utilizes a rotating wheel. The wheel cuts the code on the card. Punch code cutters use a punch. This is good for coding double sided cards. Different uses You will find these duplicating tools in most hardware stores. Department stores may also have them. A locksmith Arlington may have many types of tools for their business. Do you run a small retail business? You may benefit from offering an extra service to customers. Conclusion Key cutting tools can be a profitable venture for many businesses. You might consider the service for your clients or customers. There are several different kinds to consider. Automatic ones are simple and easy to use. Specialty ones like code cutters and tubular, are for specific applications.
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