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What to Consider When Buying a Paper Folder

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-23
A paper folding machine can make just about any work day go much more smoothly. These devices take a time-consuming task - folding documents - away from you so you can focus on something more productive and rewarding. However, there are things to think about before investing in such a device, from the size and type of your paper to how much you need to fold. You will even need to think about which kind of folding patterns you want. So read on to learn all about what you need to consider when buying this type of product. The size of your paper. Obviously, you're going to want to select a machine that can handle the size of paper you'll be using. Many folders are compatible with letter-sized paper (8.5' x 11') but not all of them can work with larger and smaller sizes of paper, such as legal-size (8.5' x 14'). So be sure to think about this beforehand so you don't wind up with a device that's incompatible with your documents. The type of paper you're using. The type of materials you'll be folding will definitely influence the machine you choose. Many, if not all, folders can handle 20 lb. sheets, the stuff commonly used in photocopies, fax machines, and printers. However, not all devices are compatible with cardstock, cardboard, and glossy stocks. If you want to work with these kinds of materials, you'll probably going to have to purchase a more expensive machine because the less expensive ones typically can't handle these things. The type of fold you need. Another very important consider is the type of fold you want. To mail invoices and correspondence, a classic 'Z' fold is ideal. A 'C' fold would also work. Many lower-end machines can do these kinds of folds. However, if you want a fancier fold, such as a double-parallel one, you'll need a machine that can do that kind of folding. That usually means investing in a higher-end device. How much you need to fold. There are small, desktop folders that are great for occasional use, so if you anticipate folding around 500 sheets every month, this kind of device would be ideal. However, the more you need to fold (i.e. for mass mailings), the more you'll need a machine that was designed for high-volume use. What brand do you like best? How much can you spend? A number of companies manufacture folders. Some of the best products come from companies such as Formax, Martin Yale, and MBM. Martin Yale makes some great, low-volume devices that can easily fit on desktops and all three companies make more heavy-duty devices. As for budgeting for your new purchase, get the best folder you can afford. Cheaper might mean less money upfront now, but you may not be happy with your purchase and wind up replacing it at some point. Putting more money upfront now may help you save more in the long run. If you think about these five factors before buying a paper folder, you're going to be very happy with your purchase. So start thinking about them now and then get that perfect machine for your office.
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