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Why Buy a Martin Yale Folding Machine?

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-22
Folding paper can be fun. Just think of origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into cranes and samurais and such. But when it comes to folding paper at work, only one word comes to mind: tedium. Folding your correspondence, invoices, marketing information, and the like is time-consuming and, yes, boring. If your company is spending a lot of time folding stuff, it's time to think about forking over some cash and buying a paper folding machine. Martin Yale produces some great paper folders and this article will introduce you to some of them so you'll be able to confidently buy one. Then you'll be able to stop spending so much time folding and start doing something more productive instead. The Martin Yale Desktop Letter Folder is a small machine that can fit on your desktop right next to your computer or printer. This is a good machine to have if you fold a lot of short letters. The machine can fold 30 3-page letters per minute. It produces a letter fold (in other words, it folds the paper into thirds) so you can easily slip correspondence into standard #10 envelopes. This letter folder can handle staples, but it can only work with letter-sized paper that's 20 to 24 lb. bond. This is a great machine that can be easily used by administrative assistants, receptionists, and anyone else who folds letters as part of his/her job. It can even be used at home, if you want. If you need something a little bit more powerful for your workplace, the Martin Yale Electronic Ease-of-Use AutoFolder is a good bet. This is a very user-friendly machine that offers six preset folds: letter, z-fold, half, double parallel, right-angle, and baronial. The folder can fold an incredible 9,000 sheets an hour, so you'll be able to get all your folding done quickly. Just try to imagine folding 9,000 sheets manually. (Ugh, huh?) Intimus is Martin Yale's premier line of office machines, so when you see the name, you know you're getting something good. The Intimus SmartFold is a revolutionary new paper folder that's really quite cool. This machine can fold between 3,000 to 15,000 sheets per hour and it accepts all different sizes of paper, from 2.5' x 5 1/6' to 12' x 18'. It can perform seven different types of folds (letter, z-fold, half, double-parallel, gate, engineering, and church fold) and it has a user-friendly LCD display so even newbies can successfully operate the machine. And if you need a super powerful paper folder, check out the Intimus Heavy-Duty, High-Output Air-Feed Folder. This folder can deal with glossy paper (not a lot of folders can) and not only can the machine fold paper, it can also score and perforate your documents. The machine can fold almost 18,000 sheets per hour, so this is definitely the machine to get if you need to fold a huge number of documents quickly. These are just a few of the great paper folders Martin Yale manufactures. Whatever your folding needs are, chances are Martin Yale has the right machine for you. So do some research, buy a paper folder, and start folding today!
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