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Why Kuota Kom is a Pro Grade Machine

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-01
If uphill and downhill both are the arena in which you want to test your ability to ride, and ride past your limitations, then look no further than the Kuota Kom to get you there. This solid and strong racer climbs hard and takes you steadily downward, therefore it should not escape the attention of serious bike racers. These bicycles are manufactured by lovers of the industry, and it shows in every model they create. They also know the hardships that take a demanding toll on the rider. Those who set about creating this ride definitely had both the sport as well as the rider in mind as they utilized all their design know-how coupled with the scientific discoveries at their disposal to bring about a bike that gives the racer the riding experience they deserve. Let's look at just some of the details of this bike's process of design. The Kuota Kom's creation starts with a select few weaves of carbon fiber, picked because they have the right combinations of weight, density, physical structure and strength. The chosen weaves are then taken and injected with superior grade epoxy polymers, identical to the ones used in the aerospace industry. No less than eight kinds of weaves go into the bike's frame construction, enabling the engineers at Kuota to stand a better chance of both predicting and customizing the frame's character. Some areas of the frame need to have a particular focus on both its resistance to twisting as well as its rigidness. Other things that engineers need to consider at this early stage are the level of rider comfort as well as how durable the bike will become. These considerations, along with others, are reviewed all the way back at the beginning of the design phase. Another focus is keeping the weight of the bike as low as possible. The idea behind the design of Kuota bikes is that they vary the size of their tubes depending on the frame size. This is a method that they call Kuota Optimized Shape Management. The differences relate to the carbon tubes and how stiff the frame is to be made, and this is in relation to the size of the person on board. This makes the Kuota a highly customizable bike. These incredible bikes can be used for racing, touring or century rides. The geometry of the frame makes for cornering smoothly while traveling at accelerated speeds down long and winding roads, all with almost no wind resistance. There is a solid feel to this bike, so the rider won't experience any of the wobbling and twitching that is usually felt when riding at high speeds. Even in the aero position, lowered down, and with hands next to the stem, the rider feels a solid ride, almost as if the bike and the rider are joined as one. When the rider needs to brake hard and fast, again there is a noticeable absence of twitching and wobbling when coming to a stop. In mountain climbing, the Kom defines the ride. In fact, you could say that the name KOM means King of the Mountains. When racing uphill in the mountains, the KOM lets the rider pull away from the pack easily primarily due to its light weight in comparison to other bikes of the same class as the Kom. This bike was created for riders who take their riding seriously, but it was built with the racing enthusiast firmly in mind.
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