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24 Inch Personal Electronic Cutting Machine

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-28
The 'electronic cutting machine' as the name itself suggests is the new more advanced crafting machine which can be used anywhere from classroom assignments to more sophisticated office projects. This new edition is an invaluable addition to the Circuit cutting system. When it comes to looking at the benefits, the list is endless. It is easy and fun to use number one tool. • It can cut the letters, shapes and phrases in various sizes right from 0.25' to 23.5'. Now decorating your scrapbook, creating a greeting card and also large size posters, wallpaper using 24 inch personal electronic cutting machine is just so easy. Enabling to cut 50 different sizes using the 12'x12' mat or 12'x24' mat gives you lot more options to be more creative. • You do not require any other peripherals like a computer to work. It is a standalone all in one system. In just three easy steps you can have a master design created. Also you do not have to worry about wasting the papers anymore as it has a paper saving feature mode. • Not only just the paper but it can also cut through other hard material like the poster board, fabric, plastic, vinyl and even thin magnet. • You do not have to worry about making any cutting mistakes as the LCD always shows exactly what you are typing. • The option of setting the 'Quantity Mode' helps in saving time as you can just specify the quantity and make many numbers of copies of the same design. • The Multi cut mode allows cutting 2-4 times and cuts deeper each time, thus cutting through even the thicker material. • The Circuit Cartridge comes with 2000 to 6000 images per one cartridge, which is an impressive number of design libraries to choose from. If you already have the older version of the cutting machine you will be surprised to know that your old cartridges are compatible with the new 24 inch personal electronic cutting machine. It comes with a welcome bonus package which includes Auto Fill, Mix 'n Match, Fit to Page, Flip and Fit to Length etc and all in the same price. Once you use the new 24 inch personal electronic cutting machine you will forget about the rest of the cutting machines. The machine is worth spending the money. It will lift your level of craft skills to new heights and the kind of results you will be producing will surely have jaw dropping expressions.
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