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Die Cutting Machine

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-24
It comes with very easy to follow instructions and will cut through a variety of materials including paper, foam, fine mesh, vinyl, material and chipboard. How to Use a Die Cutting Machine The Cuttlebug is very simple to use. • First of all your lower the platforms at either side and this will enable the machine to suction onto your workspace. Make sure you are working on a flat surface as this will help it suction to your workspace and cut your dies correctly. • Then it is time to cut your die. You choose your die and place the cutting pads, die and material in the following order: 'A', 'B', die with the foam side up, paper with top side facing down, 'B'. • Place this onto the platform and start turning with the wheel. It will feel a bit strange the first few times as it makes a large cracking sound as it comes through the other side but don't be alarmed as this is normal and your pads are not cracking! And there you have it, easy as that and you have cut your own dies to suit your project. A die cutting machine really is an affordable way to add titles, shapes, numbers etc. to your craft projects. You will notice that the 'B' pad will look worse for wear in a very short time but this is perfectly normal and you can turn it the other way around and upside down so it gets an even use all over. You can also experiment with dies from other leading manufactures such as Sizzix as they will fit into the Cuttlebug machine, for the larger Bigz dies you can omit the spacer pad 'A' so they fit through the die cutting machine with ease. You can also use embossing folders in your die cutting machine with the embossing folder that comes with the machine. This folder will go in-between the two 'B' pads with the paper you want to emboss inside the embossing folder. There are many different tutorials available to help you with your new die cutting machine if you get stuck or are not sure how to use the different brands of dies in your machine. As far as affordability and versatility goes this die cutting machine really tops the list. I use my Cuttlebug machine in almost every project from scrapbook layouts, kid's crafts, tags and off the page projects. There is a huge variety of die-cuts and embossing folders available for every project.
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