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Find Time To Exercise in 10 Minutess

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-12
I Don't Have Time. This is probably THE biggest reason people give for not exercising. Yes, you're busy, your life is full of taking care of your family, your home, your job. How about taking care of you? I saw a great cartoon the other day that said it all for me. A doctor is talking to an overweight patient. The patient tells him he just doesn't have time to work out or watch his diet. He's just too busy. The doc asks 'What fits your busy schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day?' Says it all doesn't it? We need to make the time for exercise the same way we make time for everything else in our lives. If you have to write it into your schedule do it! By making exercise a priority we are making our selves a priority and by taking care of our selves we can do a better job at taking care of our family, our home, our job...... Get rid of the perception that exercise has to be a trip to the gym for an hour-long workout on the weights and then 30 minutes of cardio. Whew, I get sore thinking about it! Stealing Time Ideally you should get 30 minutes of exercise a day. I can see you looking at your to do list and wondering where you're going to get that 30 minutes. You're going to steal it in smaller amounts at a time. I'm not going to tell you to wake up earlier in order to run for 1/2 an hour every day. Chances are you're already sleeping the bare minimum and could use another couple of hours sleep as it is. Or to do deep knee bends while brushing your teeth or isometrics standing in line at the grocery store. Give up TV? Maybe. But I bet you're already folding laundry, paying bills, or some other chore while you're watching TV as it is. Sometimes you just need to plop in front of the idiot box and veg for 30 minutes or so at the end of the day. But, if the TV is on all evening and you find yourself drawn into program after program instead of making a conscious choice about what you're watching, turn it off!!! We have so many choices of what to watch and how to watch it these days that we can't keep up. Guess what? You don't have to keep up! Decide what shows you really want to watch. Make a choice on what's important to you. Another option is to TIVO your favorite show, then watch it without the commercials, there's 20 minutes right there! And yes, watching a show and working out at the same time is certainly an option if it works for you. Make Time Don't have 30 minutes? How about 15 minutes? Or 10 minutes. I bet you can find three 10-minute breaks in your day. Its a lot easier to find 10 or 15 minutes at a time, than 30. Ten minutes? What good is that? A lot. Three 10-minute breaks add up to that 30 minutes of exercise. Use that 10 minutes to clear your head and breathe and get your blood pumping. You'll be surprised at what a pick-me-up it can be and at just how much good those 10 minutes can do. What Can You Do in 10 Minutes?
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