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Folder Inserter

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-23
A folder inserter is a machine that is capable of stuffing your envelopes and sealing them for you, it can fold the desired document, put it in an envelope and have it ready to be posted. This is something that you would normally pay a member of staff to do. It is a tedious task that no one enjoys and it takes up valuable time from that member of staff. Some facts for you about manual letter filling: it costs you on average about 6p to get someone to fill an envelope manually (by hand). If you do a lot of letters per week or month this can be very costly (for example if you need to send out 2000 invoices or letters a month, you are going to have to pay a member of your staff £120 a month just to send some letters out for you! Not only is it costing you financially but it has the potential to cost you in other ways by tying that member of staff up from their usually job role for 1, 2 or 3 days. A folder Inserter is capable of performing this task about 13x faster than it can be done by hand, it does not need supervision and so leaves all of your staff members free to go about their everyday work duties. It is worth noting that on average a person folding and inserting letters can do about 100 per hour, this is not taking in to account any breaks they may require. The 6p per letter is based on minimum wage there for meaning each envelope costs even more to be filled if their wage is higher... Just way up the costs and have a think to see if it is worth getting one of these machines.
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