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How you can make Transformer Economically Practical?

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-07-16
3.4.2 Acetylene testing device At 750 degree Celsius high, transformer oil will produce acetylene. The problem of over-high above 1000 degree Celsius and an associated with discharge failure (partial discharge, spark discharge, oil arc fault), acetylene will come across. Acetylene detection devices include degassing Lan, acetylene sensors, control devices, data processing and output. Its feature is by on-site analysis to study the fault movements. 4 Drying moistured transformer on-site Degree of drying is directly affect insulation and other specifications of transformer. Therefore, drying insulation systems is the firstly factor to extending transformer a lifetime. After drying transformer which be affected by bump, somethings have to do firstly: 1) whether exposed time in air is over time; 2) including an adult damp degree and insulation degree over the requirements; 3) how's color change of silicone air dryer; 4) does wind re-winding; 5) whether transformer oil excessive humidity; 6) whether oil leakage; If presently there one of above problems, the on-site drying is actually required. Drying methods are as follows: 1) herbal circulation. It works better to less serious lost moisture. It use hot oil as medium, through eddy current, heating transformer then insulation fiber, make moisture evaporation. Process requires vacuum pumping every few plenty. The vacuum level of tank should be under l33Pa. Temperture of circulating protein should maintain at 60 ~ 70 degree Celsius. 2) Drying by heat oil self. It is often a commonly method used for on-site drying, suitable for medium and enormous oil-immersed transformers. This strategy is to any special nozzle, spraying atomization transformer oil which heating above temperature 1O0 degree Celsius, on body of transformer a whole lot heating. Then pumping vacuum to transpire the moisture on body. The needy products are simple. Approach has effective for large transformer on-site drying. 3) Field winding charged drying. It need short secondary winding of transformer, and energize testimonials . winding, to drying insulation systems by electricity heating effect through primary and secondary windings. This method need use vacuum oil filtration machine to transpire moisture in oil. Comparing the ground insulation resistance from high, midium and low phrase, after drying, the dielectric loss and leakage current of insulation resistance are decrease surely. 4) Vacuum drying by load on fuel tank and eddy current method. This device is energized field winding on tank to create vortex of their time. This vortex of energy can improve the entire internal temperature of tank, so about heating whole. The turns per coil, current and power-on time are re make temperature of tank at 90 ~ 100 degree Celsius. 5) Zero sequence current drying. It will be choose proper three-phase windings, connected in series and in parallel. The windings of other voltage level are open program. Adding zero sequence voltage to choosed winding, to generate zero sequence flux in iron root. The flux closed circuit through tank produces eddy current loss to drying physique. This technique suitable for medium and small distribution transformers drying out.
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