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Hydraulic Fittings And Hose Fittings of Some Others

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-03
Hydraulic fittings oil in water and suspension significantly reduces air bubbles between the film's strength, deputy campaign to reduce the lubrication performance. Pollutants generated hydraulic fittings system: the system in operation due process component of the products of wear particles, falling down on the sand castings, pumps, valves and hydraulic fittings on the metal particles falling down, falling off things corroded pipeline in its oil oxidation and the decomposition of the particles and colloidal matter, even more serious is the system before the pipeline is put into operation without washing and some a lot of impurities. In addition, the system of oil in the air caused by cavitation, resulting in surface erosion and damage components.Plug and the clamping device failure, solid particles to plug the gap and orifice of hydraulic fittings valves, causing valve obstruction and clamping affect work performance, or even result in serious accidents.Oil pollution of the system are several key harm, then we have to introduce, respectively.The quality of a hydraulic fittings system depends not only on the rational design and performance of the merits of system components, but also because of the pollution prevention and treatment system. Chemical corrosion resistance fuel.Hydraulic fittings and hose fittings manufacturer. Ningbo Yinzhou Liujin Hydraulic Equipment Factory is a specialized domestic factory with hydraulic pipes production experience.The system of pollution affects the reliability of hydraulic fittings systems and components work life, according to statistics, the hydraulic fittings system failures at home and abroad about 70 percent is due to pollution caused.PA nylon hose fittings, modified by the import raw material, is the kind of high-tech products bellows, high toughness, high impact, bending properties, high temperature, surface brightness, abrasion resistance. Pollution and wear of hydraulic fittings, oil rise to devices of various pollutants in various forms of wear, solid particles into the kinematic pair gap, on the surface of the cutting parts wear or fatigue wear. High-speed hydraulic fittings flow of solid particles on the surface of components caused by erosion impact. Oil in the water and the resultant deterioration of oil oxidation on the corrosive elements. Pessure as a flexible corrugated hose fittings installed in the liquid delivery system, to compensate for pipe or machinery, equipment, mutual displacement connectors to absorb vibration energy, can play a vibration, noise and other role, with excellent flexibility, quality Light, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature and many other features.Accelerate the deterioration of oil properties, oil in water and air for its thermal energy are the main conditions of oil oxidation, while the oil in the oxidation of metal particles on the oil play an important catalytic role, in addition. Two types of plastic hose fittings, a totally airtight, watertight, such as hose fittings rocket propellant for the transport, gas, water heater; the other is used with a continuous winding material, the common winding of corrugated pipe used for protection of cables, such as magnetic card telephones, machine tools, while the lamp of corrugated pipe is in the production process into the wire clip. Again introduce the hose fittings causes corrosion. Metal and atmospheric oxygen reaction in the surface oxide film. Ordinary carbon steel to form oxide of iron oxide to continue to expand corrosion and eventually the formation of holes. Can paint or oxidation-resistant metal in carbon steel plating to ensure, however, as people know it, this protection is only one kind of film. If the protective layer is damaged, the following steel began to rust. Safety joint is a special geological formation in the drilling drilling or special operations when connected to the drill column when the most lower part of drill pipe used to protect the upper part of a joint. Safety joint central square by the coarse threaded buckle, it is the most easy to unload drill pipe column to open the link.Again introduce the hose fittings causes corrosion. Metal and atmospheric oxygen reaction in the surface oxide film. Ordinary carbon steel to form oxide of iron oxide to continue to expand corrosion and eventually the formation of holes. These particles are often so small, so can not settle down whilehose fittings being suspended in oil, and finally pushed into the gap among the various valves, hydraulic fittings system on a reliable, these limited control over the achievement gap, importance and accuracy is extremely important.Gaseous pollutants is mainly mixed with the air system.Internal pollutants:hydraulic fittings in the machining, assembly, testing, packaging, storage, transportation and installation of other sectors in the residual contaminants, of course, these processes can not be avoided, but can be reduced to a minimum, some special components in the assembly and debugging requires clean room or clean platform environment. Sources of contaminants in the oil system, mainly in hose fittings the following way: the external intrusion of pollutants: the external intrusion of pollutants is mainly sand or dust in the atmosphere, usually through the tank holes, cylinder seal shaft pumps and motors shaft penetrated the system. Mainly the use of the environment.Liquid contaminants usually do not meet the system requirements notch oil, water, paint, and halides such as chlorine and its often difficult for us to get rid of, so choice to select the line when the hydraulic fittings oil hydraulic fittings oil system standards, avoid some do not necessary failure.Hydraulic fittings sources of pollutants.
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