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Learn about Digital Cutting Tables

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-09
When it comes to selling a product, most people would agree that marketing plays a key role. While certainly true, it's equally important to consider that the item in question exhibits excellent quality and craftsmanship - these are key indicators that consumers use when making a purchasing decision. The importance of presentation - and a great first impression - simply cannot be overstated. In order to create fantastic packaging, you need access to quality tools. One such tool is the digital cutting table, allowing you to create a package that speaks to the quality of the product. These tables are specialized machines that are controlled via computer, and are able to impart the cuts and creases necessary to create a package to exacting specification. This functionality eliminates the need to spend on expensive single use dies, resulting in greater versatility. Digital cutting tables also allow on the fly adjustments, speeding up and streamlining error correction. The cutting table is compatible with a wide range of materials including corrugated paper, folding cartons, foam, blankets for coating, solid boards, wood, acrylic and plastic. Additionally, the flexible features of this machine mean that it can be used as a sample making table for single use, or to create a series of cutouts for short-run production. Swapping out tools meant for different materials is likewise quick and easy, making speed another key benefit. The user-friendly tabletop is designed to be accessed from any direction, and is in compliance with international safety standards. This device may be integrated with the current CAD systems in your facility. CAD can help you to create your dream designs, allowing you to focus on the digital input rather than worrying about machine setup. Since the table is fully compatible with CAD, no time is needed for typical vector file conversion. The machine's simple and powerful user interface allows you to preview your job before final implementation, while optimal operating parameters for various materials are stored in memory. The laser pointer-assisted tool head allows you to achieve unprecedented precision and accuracy even when making minute cuts. This mean you can use it for sign-cutting as well as impeccable large-scale output. Whether it's a simple cutting job or complex 2D and 3D packaging solutions, the digital cutting table is the tool you need!
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