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Nas And Damian 'JR Gong' Marley Releases Album

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-02
Download 'Enter Here Tinie Tempah Remix' Not being that much of a rap aficionado, I must admit that it sometimes hits me in the right place - if the backtrack is good and there is a nice flow. This track kind of reminds me of when rap and hip hop was young and mostly came from the east coast of the US...what I listened to anyway. Make sure to check out the link for free chillout music. Here is what they write about these guys: 'What we're about to do right now is go back. Back to a time when rap's greatest hits were created in basement studios, not corporate boardrooms. When dancehall and hip-hop music was all about moving the crowd not 'moving units.' Before Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley and Nasty Nasir Jones first began treading the long and winding 'Road to Zion.' The artists' first collaboration went so well that they decided to do a full album together, and that album is Distant Relatives. 'Unlike all previous collaborations between Jamaican and American artists, Distant Relatives is neither a remix nor a featured guest spot on a single track. It's a fully collaborative effort filling an entire album and opening new avenues of musical expression. The distant Relatives traces the direct line from dancehall reggae's breakthrough moment forty years ago to the rise of hip-hop several years laterfrom Run D.M.C. and Yellowman's groundbreaking collaboration 'Roots Rap Reggae' through Supercat introducing Biggie Smalls to the world on the 'Dolly My Baby' remix and Shabba Ranks and KRS-One joining forces on 'The Jam.' That line continues right up through Damian Marley and Nas' double-Grammy-winning 'Road To Zion.' 'Distant Relatives is an album created by two serious artists to explore and celebrate the correlations and deep-rooted connections between reggae and hip-hop, tracing both sounds back to the African motherland that is both the cradle of humanity and the wellspring of mankind's music. 'And who better to fulfill this mission? The youngest son of the legendary Bob Marley, Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley garnered his own place in music history when he became the first ever reggae artist to win a Grammy Award outside of the Reggae category, taking home an award for Best Urban/Alternative performance for his smash 2005 single 'Welcome To Jamrock.' The acclaimed breakthrough album of the same name also won a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album. 'A hip-hop icon since his immortal guest verse on Main Source's 1991 'Live At The Barbeque,' Nas burst out of the Queensbridge housing projects, a hotbed of rap artistry since the early '80s. The son of jazz trumpeter Olu Dara, Nas has since gone on to sell over 20 million albums worldwide over the span of his legendary career, and has acted as an ambassador for hip-hop culture throughout the globe. ' ''When we first started working, I was thinking about what direction we should go in,' Nas explained during a recent discussion at the Grammy Museum. 'Cause it's all kinda like the samereggae, rap. But it went to its own thing... We had a few concepts. All basically around empowerment in a way, cause if we're talking about Distant Relatives we're talking about the human family.' 'The sound of Distant Relatives features live musicians as well as studio production by Damian Marley and his elder brother Stephen Marley, a distinguished award-winning artist and producer in his own right. Featured artists on the album connect other diasporic dots New Orleans' own Lil Wayne as well as the critically acclaimed Somali-born, Canadian-raised MC K'NAAN. ''I didn't want it to sound like something that would be typical of me, neither typical of Nas,' said Damian Marley, who produced much of the album. 'But something where you can still see how there's a middle ground in the music...where you can still hear something that is reminiscent of either of us... It's been really fun. Cause we've been going in the booth together. Especially as a lyricist, it's really like iron sharpen iron. You can't slack off right now. And It's a great learning experience for me too.' And that experience extends to young listeners who will surely be enlightened and educated about the shared cultural legacy of Africa, America, and the Caribbean. ''The whole process is gonna be so fun,' Nas adds. 'I think we can have fun helping people. When I think about things we wanna do with this album, it's just limitless.'' Website: Download: Scott Hardkiss releases EP'Yes Yes Y' All' Download 'Beat Freak' (Paul Woolford Remix) Very funky stuff from Scott Hardkiss and friends...a special EP for the dance floor. The downloadable track has a nice funky feel...more free chillout music! Very nice programmed piano and nice breaks too from Paul Woolford. Check out the original album also, called 'Technicolor Dreamer LP'. Here is what they write about the project. 'The brand new Beat Freak EP taken from Scott Hardkiss' acclaimed Technicolor Dreamer LP, is a broad, funk driven workout made by very forward-thinking djs with the sole intention of getting everybody funky. Scott and fellow beat freak/music junkies Paul Woolford, Q-Burns Abstract Message and Fort Knox Five rock 11 mixes of ferocious tech-house, space disco and electro bounce with dubs, instrumentals and acappella featuring ex-raver punks The Prophetz. Trailblazing DJ/producer Scott Hardkiss has been at the forefront of the whole west coast sound, since the dawn of American electronic dance music. He was one of the first US DJ exports, traveling the globe spreading an eclectic mix of funky, psychedelic breaks and beats produced through his seminal Hardkiss Music. His recent relocation to the east coast and establishment of his Brooklyn-based God Within label continues his evolution with a series of visionary digital EPs remixed by renowned DJs such as Joe Claussell, Kris Menace, Robbie Rivera, Morgan Geist, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Dean & Britta, Telepathe and Scott Hardkiss himself to worldwide buzz and radio play.' Florence and the Machine This downloadable track slowly builds up to a nice bouncy feel. U2 guitar and sidechained electronic bass and a fabulous voice. There is greatness in this. You don't want to miss this free chillout music. Here's what's being written about F&TM: 'Check out the new british singer crowned NME's number 1 band to see this summer and best new act of SXSW after a fantastic live performance on BBC 3's Introducing stage, Florence And The Machine's debut single on IAMSOUND is set to confirm 21 year old Florence Welch's status as one of the hottest new comings in British music today. 'Armed with a songbook with a huge selection of darkly romantic murder ballads, and blessed with a voice that seems to channel the spirits of Patti Smith, Kate Bush and Bjork through one slight Camberwell art student, Florence was spotted 18 months ago by her manager singing in the toilets at a party and since then has been wowing audiences across London with a life-affirmingly joyous stage presence that belies the dark voodoo at the heart of her beautiful songs. 'Appearing on the same SXSW bill as MGMT led to Florence taking the coveted support slot on the MGMT European tour in May, which received much praise. They are headlining their first show in conjunction with the singles release in July.' For details visit: download:
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