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Paper Folding Machines - Mechanism, Operation and Types

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-22
Offices and organizations that frequently stage massive mail-out campaigns employ paper folding machines to run their operations. This type of machine is important because it can manage over 4,000-sheets per hour. It is possibly the best addition to any campaign strategy. Mechanism. Paper folding machines are outfitted with adjustable folding plates that make the task much easier. There are actually two plates running in a typical machine. However, the process can only commence when there is paper fed into the feed tray. Once paper is picked up from the tray, it enters the machine and encounters the first plate. Before it exits the machine, the paper is ferried into the second plate for the final crease. Operation. The entire process takes only fractions of a second. After which the folded paper exits the machine and is collected into the paper exit tray. The movement of paper is made possible through sets of rubber rollers, which likewise support the creasing process. A typical automatic desktop paper folding machine can be used to crease up to 8 1/2' x 11' paper types and weights ranging from 16 to 28 lbs. The machine is expected at the most to deliver the usual C-fold and Z-fold along other common types such as the double parallel, the gate and right angle fold. All these types are pre-programmed and can be accessed through the control panel. Types. There are two known types of paper folding machines,the entry-level or the not so high-end type and the high-end automatic types. The entry-level machine requires manual adjustment for its special plates. The fold settings are usually ingrained on the plates. High-end automatic machines adjust the plates electronically. This allows for built-in precision and convenience. Units of this type usually have fine-tuning knobs for accurate adjustments. Another variation is the pneumatic paper folding machines. Instead of rubber rollers, suction is used to move paper around. This type is used to crease glossy paper. The contribution of paper folding machines is indispensable. This is particularly true to organizations that cater to nationwide campaigns and distribute mails to millions and even hundred million magnitude is almost unbearable and doing a nationwide campaign puts everybody in the organization at wits end. The task therefore has to be aided by specific machine types that can efficiently perform and deliver pertinent user requirements. The paper folding machine will definitely be a big boost to an organization's campaign strategy.
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