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Plastic Cutting Board is Much better than Wooden

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-07-13
Normally, we consider the plastic chopping board is better than wooden chopping board, substances the first reaction We hear the plastic chopping board are: toxic, detrimental our body, such in other words reaction is normal, in earlier time, in order to reduce the cost and pursue profit, the plastic cutting boards manufacturer use a lot of cloth not suitable for the human beings body, such as calcium carbonate and other bad quality material. this cutting board reflects a plastic taste,fragile,no easy to clean, and etc. and can harmful substances during the path of use. Now, there is really a new plastic chopping board there, it entirely avoids the previous shortcomings of you cannot quality, or some toxic material used in it. Our plastic cutting boards is made from food-grade plastic polyethylene, and it completely differ as other harmful plastic, there is no evaporation dissolve in any known liquid, even if you pour the sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid onto it, it will not cause any harm to it, Needless understands the oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, no chemical reaction may occur and no harmful substances will run. The chopping board itself does not absorb water, but there's more exist the conditions for the survival of bacteria, so bacteria can not live on it, but we we still can put antibacterial addtives into it, make the bacterial nowhere to hide, Unlike wooden, they will absorb water, sun drying, they will be endophytic bacteria dark-gray. Because we use advanced production machine and technics, provides good toughness, and does not be deformed and cracked, inferior plastic and wood will have cracks and dregs after using it for a few time. Plastic chopping board has Another feature: that is easy to clean, whatever you use sanitary cleaner or simply to use clear rain. We all have such kind of expertise that there have an of meat residue when chopped by wooden cutting board, it is quick nauseating and daunting! Wooden chopping board is difficult totally clean and prone to bacteria! But Plastic chopping board is quick different ,whether you cut the meat or vegetables, washed with water, placed at your kitchen corner, your job finished. This is Why we say Plastic chopping board is preferable to Wooden cutting board, do you still want to use wooden board instead of Plastic? The original article from:
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