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Printer Rubber Rollers - Performance Issues and

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-24
Paper handling machines like paper folders, document bursters, and printers depend extensively on rubber rollers to operate. These are the equivalent of tires in cars, which must undergo periodic maintenance to perform efficiently. Rubber rollers define the performance capabilities of paper handling machines. These machines will therefore not work without the roller component. The performance of the latter depends entirely on friction or the ability of the elastic to easily adhere to any paper surface. This is the driving force behind the movement of paper from the pick-up to the exit tray. The health of the rubber rollers defines the performance capability of the machine, including paper folding machines. Performance issues. These are sensitive components. Paper causes the elastic surface to wear easily. A coat of paper dust plus grime over time renders its surface to lose its frictional properties or its ability to grip paper. Heat meanwhile causes it to harden which likewise compromises its innate paper holding capabilities. The component's inability to move paper within the machine causes paper fed to jam or not move at all. This condition makes the machine literally useless. It only takes simple roller maintenance however to restore machine performance. Roller Maintenance. It is only with proper maintenance that this component can work efficiently. In fact, maintenance must be administered frequently. Due to its sensitive nature, only prescribed maintenance procedures must be conducted. • Must do. (1) Check the machine's manual on how to get into the rubber rollers for cleaning, (2) thoroughly clean the rollers using a rubber roller cleaner formulated to clean, rejuvenate, and restore but never to harm the tacking surfaces. (3) Let it dry completely and close the machine afterwards. This procedure must be done on a daily basis or after a heavy print load. This prevents the accumulation of dried ink or toner which causes undesirable printout. • Should not be done. Acetone and solvent-based cleaners should never be used as well as solutions with abrasive properties as these can shorten the effective lifetime of the elastic. Also, do not try using DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions if you have never tried it or if you are unsure of its effectivity. This could damaged the rollers or cause other printing problems. No amount of maintenance procedures can nonetheless revive a defective rubber roller. Poor maintenance and heat determines its lifetime. Thus, when the elastic component loses its frictional properties and paper holding capabilities, it must be replaced.
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