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Techko LF286 Auto Feed Paper Folder With Counter

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-23
Techko LF286 Letter Paper Folding Machine The Techko LF286 is the perfect Folding Machine for office use and mass mailing projects. It has the capacity to handle large volumes of paper. In fact, it can Folds up to 4,000 sheets of up to 60 lb. bond paper per hour in 4 popular easy to set folding styles (letter fold, z-fold, double parallel fold, and half fold). This is the upgraded model of the Lf283 with new features like auto feed, speed control and built in sheet counter. The unit includes the desk stand and metal paper catch and fits perfectly into any small or large business environment. There's one particular feature that makes it even more convenient. Its folding can be customized beyond the four easy to use presets, for many more custom folds. Remember, the maximum paper size for this machine is 8-1/2' x 14' (legal) size paper. Therefore, it does not fold 11' x 17' paper. Folding glossy paper, carbonless forms, card stock or envelopes is not recommended. The recommended paper stock for this machine is 20# to 60# bonds/offset. Single page folding is the principal job of this machine. In another words, if you put a stack of paper in the tray, it will fold pages individually one by one. It is not design to do multiple pages at one time. One last point to keep in mind, The Techko lf286 letter paper folder folding machine is the upgraded model of other Techko machines, specifically the LF283. The improved paper pickup performance has made a big difference. The manual bypass on this machine is 1 sheet only. The paper tray now holds up to 80 sheets of 20# bond paper, compare to the older models which only hold up to 50 at a time. Features: * Folds up to 4,000 sheets of 20 lb bond/75 gsm paper per hour * Features a fold adjuster to fold letter, legal, and A4 size papers * Folds in 4 popular folding styles * Folds up to 8.5' x 14' paper * Paper tray holds up to 80 sheets of 20 lb bond/75 gsm paper * Excellent for office use and mass mailing projects Warranty: * One year manufacturer's warranty Specifications: * Dimensions: 16'H x 12'W X 22'D * Voltage: 110V 60Hz * Paper Weights: 20-60 lb. bond What's in the Package? * Techko LF286 Auto Feed Paper Folder with Counter * Desk Stand * Metal Paper Catch Tray * Warranty Card * Instruction & Folding Guide Overall the performance the Techko LF286 has been greatly enhanced over the previous models. The integrated sheet counter and speed control are chief improvements in the LF286 machine.
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