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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Cutting

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-16
Laser cutting is a form of technology that uses a optical device to chop materials and is usually used for industrial production applications, however is additionally beginning to be utilized by colleges, small businesses and hobbyists. The optical device cutting process works by guiding the output of a high-powered optical device, by computer at the fabric to be cut. The material then is either melted or it burns, evaporates or in some cases is blown away by a jet of gas leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. Industrial optical device or laser cutters are utilised to cut flat sheet material and additionally as structural and piping materials. Using an optical device to cut may be a manufacturing method which could go on to eliminate the requirement for machining on several engineering jobs enabling manufacturers to scale back their production costs. Optical device cutting presents a certain amount of blessings over plasma cutting as this method is much more precise and uses less energy whilst slicing steel and metal sheets. additionally, the most recent laser machines for example the brand new 7Kw machine are now currently approaching plasma machines in their ability to slice through thick materials. The preciseness levels and edge quality achieved with laser cutting machines are higher than more traditional slicing strategies, because the laser beam will not wear through whilst during the laser cut method. Optical device cutting technology additionally permits manufactures to cut and design advanced shapes without the necessity for tooling and at an identical or quicker speed than alternative cutting strategies. The fact that the laser cut technology can offer manufactures a vastly reduced contamination of the work piece presents a vast amount of blessings over more traditional mechanical cutting techniques. Laser cutting additionally permits manufacturers to cut small diameter holes with advanced detail and great edge quality in either sheet, plate, tube or box section. However there are some disadvantages of laser cutting which we shall now explore. When utilising the laser-cutting method for plastic, the fumes that the plastic produces whilst melting are often quite toxic. This essentially means that the machine will need to be placed in a well-ventilated surrounding, which may take up plenty of your time and money to create and place. The laser-cutting method cannot be used for all types of metals. Copper and metal are unable to be cut with a optical device as a result of they are too thick and can reflect an excessive amount of light. Brittle, transparent materials for example glass and crystal additionally cannot be cut. A lot of energy is needed in order to keep the laser optical device cutter running. The precise quantity of energy used relies on the kind of laser, what quantity is being cut, the thickness of the material and as well the cutting rate. However, an incredible quantity of power is employed, particularly in industrial applications. While laser cutting could be a quick method, the speed of production will not continuously be this consistent. It can be dependant on the kind of optical device, thickness of the material and sort of material that you are trying to cut.
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