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The Best Way to Unjam a Paper Folding Machine

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-22
Paper folding machine is the best machine that will save your time and also can really increase the productivity of your office when it is working well. But unfortunately the paper folding machine is prone to become jammed as the large number of moving parts in its machine. If it is jammed, do not worry since you can fix this problem by doing some following steps and you will also get your machine back in action. Be sure that it will really help you much. For the first step that should be done is that you should turn off the power to your machine by unplugging a power cord from the outlet. After that, remove the jewelry from your fingers therefore it will not get caught in your machine. For the last step, you need to check the fold plates. In doing this, you have to be sure that they are installed properly. The plates can make the clicking sound when they are reaching the correct position. For the next step, you have to remove scarps of the paper. Then, search the inside of your machine for the small pieces of paper that will be causing jams. You need also to look carefully of the fold plates for the scraps. After that, it is important for you to insert the piece of paper into your machine. Feed the piece of paper trough your paper folding machine and then observe where your paper will be getting caught up. You need also to check the rollers. If they become dirty or even worn out, they will cause jams. Do not forget to carefully investigate the rollers and pay more attention to the dirt and also wear. Clean them off with the rag, soap and also water. For the last step, you need to check the paper feed. Ensure that it is straight therefore the paper is fed into your machine correctly. Straighten the feed when it is crooked.
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