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The Electronic Future of Keys

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-27
From the days when keys were a status symbol of wealth, power, and privilege to the electronically coded keys that are phasing out the typical metal keys, the future of keys may play an interesting role in our security. The hand carving of keys was once considered an artful practice. The production of hand carved keys meant years of training and perfecting the process. After keys were ultimately deemed an essential item of safety, key cutting machines made it easier and much faster to get a copy. Lost keys didn't mean that one had to put their life on hold any longer. The original cutting machines did a pretty good job of providing spare keys. Since its use did not require extensive training like the hand cutters, this method was chosen time and again over hand carving. The semi-automatic key cutting machine was able to give the general public access to instant copies. If copies of car, house, or the office keys were lost, it was really not a big deal to run to the local hardware store and ask them to make you an extra set. These machines used a single pass to cut the key. A grip was used to ensure that both keys were set in place on opposite sides of the machine. The tracing was made by following the outline of the original key so that the secondary key would be an exact match. These machines were considered to provide about 70 to 80 percent accuracy, requiring people to come back for another copy if the first one didn't work well. The improvement of key cutters was essential and the micrometers, or the automatic cutters were able to provide more accurate results. This machine made two passes instead of one over the key, and measurements were introduced to help people understand how to improve their accuracy without providing additional training to the employees of the store. However, while these are more accurate machines, there is no way to modify them to allow them to accept electronic keys. Computer and laser assisted navigation of the key cutters are now in direct competition with anyone who can run a special coding machine. The future of keys is essentially going to be electronically based. This will perhaps provide better security, more privacy, and easier copying. The wireless ignition start is simply evidence that we are all one day going to have keys that are remarkably similar in size and shape to a credit card. The additional safety that is implied has caught the attention of a few specialists.
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