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Things to consider for Purchasing Cancer Wigs

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-07-08
When you are first told you will require chemotherapy you probably ponder losing all of hair. To many people, men and women, this is actually the most terrible thing it really is a result of the treatment method. No how many times they are assured their head of hair will almost always grow back, it still scares them. To many people their hair is their beauty. Because of this there are businesses that sell cancer wigs. Cancer wigs are made slightly different from the wigs you see displayed in wig shops or beauty supply places. Cancer wigs are made specifically for cancer patients. Of course not all patients will want to get a wig. Some may opt to use head scarves or turbans. Enthusiastic about will opt to have their head shaved, especially a male patient. Some woman may choose this option too. There are many varieties of head coverings that are made safeguard the head during and after chemotherapy. It is not the hair loss that is the concern but the effect of sun and cold on the scalp after treatment. The head is quite sensitive and really needs some protection. If a wig is desired, there are so when here also. Wigs are made in three ways, first, a custom wig, which is really the most expensive. Then there can be a handmade wig where the strands are knotted on the cap of some kind, generally cotton or a factor that can breathe. The third way of manufacture is machine made. This will be the least expensive. Skeins of hair are sewn together in a straight line then assembled into a wig. Generally the hairstyle is also assembled in the wig and little can be achieved to change that hairstyle. Wigs are made from different materials also. Built made from natural hair which is the most expensive. Then there are wigs made from man-made materials and then there are blends which combine some nature hair and some synthetic material. If value is no object you might consider a custom made wig of al natural hair. But first consider that you won't be wearing it forever. Hair does re-grow. It may take three to ten or more months but it will grow back. Of course the hairstyle has some significance as well. Someone with long hair who has grown all this her life will probably hate to lose her precious hair. Duty may consider cutting their head of hair short before the treatment starts so they get used to a new look and possibly help with any self confidence issues. There is strength in deciding to cut the hair short mainly because it takes self-determination to apply it. And this is one step to beginning the process of healing. The style of the wig is important at times. It is a great way to change your looks. If your skin color can handle red hair and you would be a brunette, then go so as! It is all up to you.
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