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Things to Consider When Choosing a Paper Folder

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-23
Are you thinking of getting a paper folder so you can save time? If you are, there are some things you need to think about when selecting one. Let's take a look at them.... The size of your documents. The most important consideration (aside from your budget, which will be discussed in a moment) is definitely how large (or small) your documents are. Most of the folders available have no problem working with letter-sized paper (8.5' x 11') but your choices will become limited if you need to work with smaller or larger sheets. So be sure to think about the sizes of your documents before shelling out the money for your machine. The kind of paper you use. Most of the paper that's used up in this country is of the 20 lb. bond variety which is something most folders can handle. If you use different kinds of paper (such as cardstock), you should look for a device that's capable of working with your preferred materials. A lot of the folders that can handle different paper types tend to be higher-end units, so you may have to put out a bit more money to get one that's right for your needs. The types of folds you need. When people buy a folder, they're usually looking for something that can fold sheets into thirds so that the documents can go straight into envelopes for mailing. However, there are devices available that can do other folds. These machines can be handy for a number of reasons and they can do folds that will impress people. Unfortunately, most of the lower-end devices can only do one or two types of folds, so you may need to go with a more sophisticated machine if you want to choose from a variety of different fold types. How much you need to fold. Paper folders can be either small or large and they come with varying folding capacities. If you only need to process a handful of documents per day, a compact desktop device would be perfect. However, if you need to work with hundreds of documents in a short period of time, choosing one of the larger devices would be a good idea. Be sure to check out the folding capacity of your desired machine before taking it back to your office. How much you can spend. Finally, your budget is an important consideration. A well-made folder is likely to be on the pricey side, so you should be prepared to make somewhat of an investment. Make sure you balance your needs with how much money you can spend so you get the device that's right for you without going broke. There are several things you need to consider when you're choosing a paper folder and all of them are pretty important. Paper size and type should be considered from the get-go so you can get something that can properly process your documents. Then you can think about fold types and so on. After you do that, you'll be ready to pick out your machine. Good luck!
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