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Tips for Cleaning Dirt on Leather Women Bags

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-05-01
Leather bag would be one of important decoration item for girls. A proper item of leather women bags or shining shoulder bags would bring us the unique sense of fashion and confidence. Naturally, the oil inside the leather would get gradually decrease with flying time and frequent use. Based on the leather feature, it is important for the user to do the timely maintenance for the leather bags. What's more, the bag made by real leather would be difficult to remove the remained substance of dirt. If we want to clean it completely, many girls would turn to professional cleaning shop as the last resort. However, such service would be quite money-costing. Here we offer your some tips for the effective cleaning of dirt on the leather bag. First of all, we should prepare the sound maintenance of leather bag during daily use. Basically we would apply the protective oil on the leather by cotton or clean cloth evenly on the bag surface. Sound basis of leather quality would be vital for clean the bag effectively. When the women bags or shoulder bags get the dirt, we would use wet cotton with warm cleaning agent to spread on the surface of bag, and then we could let it get dry by wind naturally. Do not use wind blowing machine to dry the leather. If the beverage or juice spoils on the leather bag, you should use clean cloth or foam to absorb the liquid and do not apply water for washing. Usually, we could not prevent our shoulder bags from exposing under the heavy rain. If so, we could put the bag under the place with sound winding condition after remove the water drop by cloth. We should remember after the cleaning work, we could not use any artificial wind or even fire or heating sunshine to dry the leather. It would bring serious damage to the bags for losing the color or getting broken. Recently we may find lots of leather caring lotion or washing agent for our choice. If you are not so sure on the effect to clean off the dirt on leather, you may have a test in advance on the spot or place of inside bag which would be so eye-catching. When all features are settled, you could apply it without concern. If the dirt on the leather is so serious, you could use rubber which is similar with eraser to remove the dirt lightly. If there is black spot on the leather forming gradually, we may use the leather in the same color with tiny amount of alcohol to clean such area.
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