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Tips on Using a Simplimatic Folding Machine

by:SUMWIC Machinery     2020-04-22
The Simplimatic is the compact tabletop folding machine that is designed to quickly fold paper for various purposes, from the business or even event mass mailings to the paper-related craft projects. In using the Simplimatic, you should choose the folding or paper feed method and fold setting, one to four preset fold styles or even the custom setting based on the measurement preferences. Here is more information for you. For the first step that you should do is that you should plug in the Simplimatic folding machine. After that, prep your machine. Stack the paper that will be no more than 5/8 inch or even 16 mm thick. Then, press and also hold a hopper lever on a right side of your machine, insert a stack into the hopper that is centered on the feed table and behind the feed roller then release a lever. For the second step, secure a paper stack. Adjust your paper guides and then guide fingers in order to sit flush against a stack. After that, adjust the receiving rack at the back of your machine. Then, hand-fold the sheet of your paper to the estimated size of a fold that you will need, place it on a rack against your machine, then slide a rack into position 1 to 2 inches from a sheet. For the last step, select the fold settings. Move your locking knobs in order to unlock the colored inner and also outer fold dials. After that, turn the dials to the desired settings. When you have finished, you can move the knobs back into the position in order to lock the dials. Then, turn on your machine in order to begin folding by pushing a power switch to 'ON' position.
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